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CryptoRisen Emphasizes The Significance Of Proof Of Reserves In The Crypto Industry

Tbilisi, Georgia, August 21, 2023 – Recent global events have impacted the cryptocurrency sphere, causing market fluctuations and eroding confidence. The dissolution of various crypto exchanges has resulted in a loss of faith within the community, leading to the question: how can trust be regained? One proposed solution is greater reserve transparency solutions, primarily through Proof of Reserves (PoR).

What Is Proof Of Reserve?

PoR is a respected auditing mechanism that crypto companies use to account for their assets honestly. It confirms that a company’s reserves match clients’ assets held by the crypto exchange or institution. PoR audits are conducted by third-party auditors who scrutinise the company’s holdings and liabilities, and their findings are made public.

PoR is an effective tool for preventing liquidity crises by offering users transparency about their funds’ locations. It uses blockchain technology to audit crypto companies securely without revealing any private user information.

In terms of process, many users choose custodial storage for securing their cryptocurrency due to its convenience and security. However, the recent collapses of major crypto platforms have raised concerns about custodial integrity. PoR audits address these concerns by validating a company’s holdings and assuring they align with investors’ assets.

PoR Limitations

Nevertheless, PoR does have limitations—it offers only a snapshot of assets at a specific time and does not cover ongoing balance changes. Moreover, it reveals only on-chain assets without indicating their origins.


PoR is vital for any cryptocurrency company to safeguard customer funds and prove sufficient liquidity through cryptographic verification. Despite some drawbacks, PoR remains a potent tool for building customer trust and affirming faith in a company’s operations.


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