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Crossborderly Launches Turnkey International Expansion Service

With the rapid growth of technology in recent years, e-commerce has flourished in proportion to new innovations and to the high intake of new online customers on a daily basis. As of 2022, the industry reached almost $6 trillion USD in global revenue. This number is projected to reach just over $8 trillion USD by 2026. And as e-commerce grows, this means that businesses have a lowered barrier to take their business global. It’s become far easier to reach foreign audiences and connect with new demographics.

However, the hassles of shipping are a universal constant. Details like custom fees are a jungle of rules that vary by country, and high shipping costs are a true headache to account for. Alejandro Aguilar, serial entrepreneur and author of Profitable Plates, founded Crossborderly to make overseas shipping and expansion into foreign markets seamless for U.S. businesses. The company currently helps U.S. merchants reach a number of international markets, such as Latin American, Canadian, European, and as far as Australian audiences where there are over 620+ million e-commerce buyers collectively.

Crossborderly is a turnkey app and service that offers DDP rates (shipping, taxes, and duties included), 24/7 local language customer support with sales orientation, merchant marketing services, and a regional marketplace to reach target audiences. If needed, merchants can also opt-in for localized product support. But what makes Crossborderly unique is the onboarding process. They ensure customers are set up in a way that meets their needs and business requirements to ensure a zero-incident shipping process.

During an interview with the Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur Podcast, Alejandro offered a lot of insight as to how U.S. vendors can expand internationally. When asked to summarize his thoughts, he said, “The good news is it’s extremely cheap to market internationally. I’d say it’s 20% of the cost of marketing in the U.S., and the reason is there’s not a lot of people doing it. So, that opens new opportunities for you to touch on. From there, get a small marketing budget, pick a few countries, and have a comprehensive answer sheet about your product or products.

“Once you have that down, you can start generating conversations to understand how many touchpoints it will take to close a sale. Some countries I would recommend are Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Australia. Generating online conversations, like through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp, goes over very well with many international audiences, especially in those countries. And when you use Crossborderly, you don’t even have to worry about shipping. We handle the logistics for you.”

To date, the brand has partnered with over 150 merchants to help them streamline their international sales in 50+ countries. And the company has no signs of stopping. With its improved shipping costs, competitive returns process, native language support, and customs clearance assistance, Crossborderly has set itself up to help numerous other U.S.-based companies grow on an international level.

As the company grows, it hopes to become an integral part of the U.S.-to-international e-commerce expansion process.

To learn more, visit Crossborderly online at: https://crossborderly.com/