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Craft Your Own Diamond Ring with Friendly Diamonds

Are you planning to propose your other half? If yes, perhaps it is going to be one of the most precious moments in your life. If you are as thrilled and excited to finally change your relationship status to “engaged,” we would love to add to your celebrations and help you out in planning this big day in the right way.

Starting with the essentials of an ideal proposal, we must remember that engagement is an everlasting commitment towards your partner and an engagement ring is not just any ordinary ornament. The  symbol of your relationship, crafted with utmost care and precision to reflect your unique love story. 

To make your proposal truly unforgettable, we recommend choosing a timeless engagement ring that’s distinctive to your lover’s personality.

We at Friendly Diamonds, offer you the opportunity to create your own diamond engagement ring design exactly as you envision it. With our help, you can customize your ring by selecting the ring setting, a perfect sparkling lab diamond just the way you would want it to be secured, and also the style that reflects your love! 

And the best part? 

As an eco-friendly online jewelry brand, we offer you the finest lab grown diamonds at affordable prices. 

We understand that the process of selecting the perfect lab grown diamond ring can be confusing since there are tons of designs and diamond shapes to choose from. However, to make it easier for you, we have curated a collection of the most popular engagement ring designs – all the way from round cut to heart shaped diamond rings that will speak volumes about your love story. 

Anastasia Heart Shaped Diamond Ring 

The Anastasia diamond ring flaunts a shimmering heart shaped diamond in its center, surrounded by a dazzling halo of smaller diamonds. A delicate gallery with a beautiful intricate design is visible from the sides of this ring, lending it a beautiful visual appeal. Also, the shank is adorned with gleaming diamonds on both sides to add to the design aesthetics.

Emery Round Cut Diamond Ring

Celebrate your devotion, love & loyalty with the Emery diamond ring featuring a magnificent solitaire in its center. Two cushion cuts gleam in a four prong setting nestled on both sides, and the tapered cathedral shank adds an attractive touch to the design with the side cushion stones gracefully rising towards the top.

Grace Oval Cut Diamond Ring

Our popular Grace diamond ring exudes pure sophistication. An oval diamond shines brightly in its center, cradled in four prongs. The ring is further adorned with tiny micro pave diamonds decorated on the shank’s surface and sides. Pairing this ring with a matching diamond pave set band can elevate its charm to new heights.

Atria Cushion Diamond Ring

The Atria diamond ring boasts a stunning cushion diamond that’s securely nestled in a four prong basket setting. A pair of sparkling diamond halos concealed from the front gives it an illusion of a “floating” diamond. The band of the ring is adorned with a trail of pave diamonds that run down each side of the shank, adding an extra touch of glamor to this piece.

Lumina Pear Cut Eternity Ring

The Lumina diamond ring shines with a mesmerizing halo of pave diamonds, encircling a pear cut diamond at its center. The solitaire is securely held in place by straight prongs, while the V-shape basket raises the solitaire and halo for a bold and elevated profile. The slim metal band is further embellished with pave diamonds running down each side, lending extra sparkle and glamor to this stunning piece of jewelry.

While all the designs mentioned above are there to assist you in making your best choice, crafting a ring for your beloved will still hold a more special allure. Don’t limit yourself, and feel free to delve into more styles and create a one-of-a-kind ring with Friendly Diamonds.