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Costa Rica Itinerary: Wildlife Tours, Hiking & Adopting a Cat

Zipline through the treetops on a canopy tour (or just go for a hike)

One of Costa Rica’s main attractions – at least for the thrill seekers among us – are the zipline canopy tours. And honestly – what’s not to like? If you’ve ever dreamed about being Spider-Man, this is as close as you’ll get. Or maybe you were obsessed with Tarzan as a kid? You can make your dreams a reality on a canopy tour.

Hike through the rainforest, enjoy the flora and fauna from the ground – and then just hop on one of the many cables to enjoy the beautiful sights from a bird’s eye view.

These are guided tours, of course, so you’ll have someone on hand to both help you stay safe and tell you all about the plant and animal life (and more!) while you enjoy the scenery, on the ground; no one will shout facts at you as you swing through the air.

Is your Spidey sense tingling?