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Connor Marriott: Paving The Way For The Future of Online Education

Year after year, the demand for online education continues to rise. Yet, when demand is high, competition follows. Online education service providers are being increasingly forced to go above and beyond in order to stand out. Few service providers encompass this ethos better than Connor Marriott, CEO and Founder of Instinct Education.

Instinct Education’s training programs have become renowned for their ‘leave no stone unturned’ take on online education, resulting in them becoming one of Australia’s top business education platforms. Hayden Harrison, Marketing Director of Instinct Education, recently shared his insights into what makes Instinct so unique.“With most programs, 95% of what you’re paying for is the content. We’ve focused on flipping that statistic. Our content, while arguably the best in the industry, makes up less than 5% of the overall value of our program when compared to the ‘everything else’ that is included.”, says Harrison.While most online training programs consist primarily of videos and content, Instinct Education is set on breaking the mould, setting a new standard for online education. “Looking at the online education industry as a whole, we realised there was a huge disconnect between a person consuming quality content, and actual follow-through using the information from that content. We made it our goal to bridge the gap between the two.”To achieve this, Instinct Education shifts the focus away from simply showing clients ‘what to do’, instead ensuring clients know ‘how to do it’. “We basically try to find every problem, roadblock or hurdle anyone could ever face throughout the process, and remove it”, says Harrison. “We didn’t set out to create an entire business growth system, the original plan was simply to teach people how to do marketing. But pretty quickly we realised people needed help with their offer in order to make the marketing effective, so we started teaching that. Then we noticed people didn’t know sales, so we added that. Little by little it evolved, only ever out of necessity, to what it is today.” “We noticed some clients weren’t tracking the data accurately, so we built a tracking platform to make tracking your metrics simpler and more accurate. We noticed some clients struggled with consistency, so we built a behaviour tracking software to gamify taking the right actions each day. We added daily mindset training to help with motivation, monthly health supplement packs to improve clients energy and focus, and daily support calls to help with accountability.”

So what’s the secret? In a recent YouTube video, Connor Marriott shared how he really doesn’t do anything other than work on his business. We spoke to Sarah, his Executive Assistant, to find out more.“Connor doesn’t leave the house for weeks at a time,” says Sarah, “Everything he could possibly need is brought straight to his office.”Marriott follows a strict routine that is specifically focused on providing all of the nutrients he needs in order to maximise his work efficiency. Sarah has let us in on what an average day looks like in the Instinct headquarters.“Connor starts his mornings waking up naturally, he has a strong aversion to setting alarms. He spends the next hour or so undergoing red light therapy and using brain hacking technology whilst reading his book of the day.”In order to be able to spend his time on enhancing his brain capacity and applying that to his work, he needs to be properly fueled. Sarah mentioned his strict routine: “The first thing I do when I arrive is bring him a warm mug of bone broth & lion’s mane. From there, I give two hours’ space between bringing him fresh juice, morning tea, and lunch. His meals consist of high protein, fat and veggies. ‘Minimal carbs during the day’ is a rule he meticulously follows from Monday-Sunday.”

Aside from health and wellness, Marriott has optimised every area of his life in order to maximise efficiency and output. Despite managing a team of 10, Marriott has designed systems and strategies to allow him to focus entirely on his work without distraction.“Everything from staff management to walking the dog is handled so that he can focus solely on work,” says Sarah. “The team and I have all tried to convince him to take a break, but the most common answer we get is ‘ I don’t know how to take a break’. At a certain point, we all accepted that this is Connor’s passion and have since stopped trying to force our version of relaxation onto him. And, well, the results speak for themselves.”In an ever evolving industry, Instinct Educations’ latest business training program “Evolution 3.0” breaks the traditional online education mould, to include everything from AI powered business ‘Intelligence’ tracking software, daily habit and behaviour reprogramming software, and one-on-one business, health and mindset coaching.You can learn more about Instinct Education by visiting their website