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“Colorful wig, 613 wig & Human hair wig”

In this blog, you’ll get to know about 3 types of wigs and their specifications.


1. Colorful wig

1.1 Luvmehair’s colorful wig

1.2 Maintenance guide to rescue color

2. 613 wig

2.1 What is it?

2.2 Benefits of 613

3. Human hair wig

3.1 Why choose Luvmehair human hair wig?

3.2 Care line for human hair wig

Colorful wig:

Are you done with your boring hair color? Don’t worry we have an easy-peasy method for you to change your hair color without using any hair dye. Try Luvmehair’s colorful wig to completely change your look promptly. Luvmehair sells 100% human hair wigs that ensure the quality of the wig.

The biggest advantage of a colorful wig is that it prevents your natural hair from dyeing, and from being damaged by chemicals or heat thus you can alter your look by using a colorful wig. The use of a colorful wig actually boosts your confidence and adds positive energy to your personality that lets you cherish your beauty. No doubt colorful wig is an amazing way to change your look in no time.

Luvmehair’s colorful wig:

The best thing about Luvmehair’s colorful wig is that the wigs can be re-dyed. You’ll find a huge variety of colorful wigs at luvmehair. You can have lace front colorful wigs, bob style colorful wigs, curly colorful wigs, and much more. Buy and enjoy a money-saving and time-saving hack using a colorful wig.

Before buying the colorful wig you must be aware of its care so the color didn’t dull and value your money. This guide gonna help you to maintain your colorful wig and didn’t let the color vanish.

Maintenance guide to rescue color:

  • The first thing that needs to be practiced that treat your wig like your natural hair. The wig also needs proper care and maintenance.
  • Choose the right care product for a colorful wig. You can find a good color protection shampoo that is free of sulfates and other harsh ingredients that can harm the color of a colorful wig.
  • Avoid using a clarifying shampoo that can damage the hair shaft of the colorful wig. Instead of it, you can use dry shampoo for the longevity of your colorful wig.
  • Use a deep conditioner that is specially made for a colorful wig. You can also use a leave-in conditioner that can control damage caused by the sun to a colorful wig.
  • But remember don’t wash your colorful wig too often. Washing the wig, again and again, invites frizz, color fades out, and causes breakage.
  • Increase the moisture content of your colorful wig. Use some essential oils like virgin olive oil to keep the wig hydrated and the color will stay the same.
  • High moisture retention also reduces tangles, and frizz and reduces breakage. You can also use deep conditioning treatment for your colorful wig for better results.
  • Use cool water to wash your colorful wig for color protection. Hot water can badly damage the color and makes it fade and also call upon frizz.
  • Avoid using heat-styling instruments for a colorful wig. If you have to, then use heat protection spray for maximum protection. Also, avoid the blow dry method rather than prefer the air dry method.
  • Store your colorful wig properly away from direct sunlight. Sunlight badly damages the hair color.
  • Don’t wear your colorful wig while swimming. Because salt water or chlorinated water badly damages the color of hair and makes the wig frizzy and brittle.

Practice these safe methods to prevent the color of the colorful wig from being dim and dulling out and enjoy the rich colorful wig.

613 wig:

613 wig is called 613 because of its blonde color. It is available in different shades and types. 613 wig is one of the hot selling wig colors because it’s always in vogue. In the recent fashion trend, 613 wig is getting more popularity because of its versatility. It completely changes the appearance and gives a sophisticated look.

This renowned wig is available at Luvmehair. Luvmehair has a broad range of 613 wigs made of human hair. You can buy a 613 wig from Luvmehair in frontal and closure wig types and add a unique allure to your look. Luvmehair promises to deliver top-notch quality wigs that give a realistic appearance and didn’t lose their luster.

Let’s talk about the benefits of a 613 blonde wig.


  • 613 is a unique blonde color that lets you re-dye it without bleaching the wig and thus you can achieve your desired color wig.
  • If you’re fond of the lighter color wig but didn’t want to experiment with your natural hair then go for the 613 wigs. Because its lone color can fulfill your desire for a light color wig and prevent your natural hair from being damaged by hair dye.
  • It makes the looks sophisticated and bold as well. 613 wig compliments a fair complexion but warm skin tone can also experiment with 613 wig by just dying the roots into darkening color.
  • 613 wig looks so cool and shiny in sunlight as mostly its texture is smooth and soft added with a luster that seems like a princess’s hair.
  • This specific wig allows versatility in styling. Many bridals opt for 613 wig on their wedding day to create different hairstyles like curls, buns, or beachy waves added with flowers. This color really compliments the white wedding dress.
  • If you want you can dye the roots of the 613 wig into ombre shades or get highlights or streaks to get a realistic look.
  • 613 wig can be customized according to preference. You can buy a curly, wavy, or straight 613 wig and create your desired look.

Human hair wig:

If you’ve got a wig that is made of human hair it means it gonna value your money. Because human hair wig lasts longer than synthetic wigs and can bear chemical experiments. Human hair wigs look natural look and no one can detect that you’re wearing a wig. Its texture seems just like natural hair so you can create multiple hairstyles by using a human hair wig.

Why choose Luvmehair human hair wig?

If you wanna buy a premium quality human hair wig then Luvmehair is the best option to go for. Luvmehair has high-quality 100% human hair wigs that last longer with proper maintenance and care. Luvmehair ensures the color quality of human hair wigs and the best thing about Luvmehair human hair wigs is that these wigs can be re-dyed, permed, curled, or ironed according to preference.

Luvmehair has a vast variety of human hair wigs like curly, wavy, straight, bob, and bangs human hair wig. Must check the best quality human hair wigs from Luvmehair I’m sure you won’t regret buying it.

To make your investment worthy you need to pay heed to the care of your human hair wig so its stays like new and didn’t lose its sheen and elegance. Let’s know how you can care for your human hair wig.

Care line:

  • Don’t use too hot or too cold water to wash the human hair wig; it can damage the wig cap and strands.
  • Don’t wash the wig more often it can get frizz and lose its shine.
  • Use lukewarm water to wash the human hair wig and wash the wig after a week. Be gentle while washing the wig and treat it like your natural hair. Wash the wig cap and lace gently to ensure no ear tear of the product.
  • Use high-quality wash and care products specially made for human hair wig so the wig can retain its natural shine and lasts longer.
  • Use shampoo and conditioner that are sulfate free.
  • Avoid using too many heat styling options for human hair wig. It may not damage at the same time but it can damage the human hair wig in long run. If you really wanna use heat styling then must apply some serum or heat protection spray.
  • Don’t wear the human hair wig while sleeping, during the shower, or swimming. All of these can cause frizz and tangles in human hair wig and end with brittle and hair shedding.
  • Never brush human hair wig when it’s wet. It may cause hair shedding.
  • Last but not the least, storing the human hair wig can actually increase its longevity and thus greatly value your money.