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College Must Have under Budget, Shop From Walmart

Getting ready to pack up and move to college is incredibly exciting. You can find endless packing lists online, including those from Bed Bath and Beyond or Her Campus. However, we have compiled a list of various things that will make your first year at college a lot easier. Consider buying these items that will survive!

1. Extra set of sheets

Click to view  Walmart page. One of the things a school must have is an extra set of sheets. Why? You never know when someone will show up and want to stay the night. An extra set of sheets can save your futon (or save your guests from your favorite futon). And there’s always the possibility that you’ll spill your spaghetti while doing homework in bed—no one wants to wash their evening clothes when they’re tired.

2. Fan

Holmes 8 inch fan.  Click to view  Walmart page Very rarely will you have temperature control in your dorm. You are not authorized to turn on/off the furnace or AC. Depending on where you go to college, a fan can potentially save your life. I would actually recommend two. One of those big oscillating or boxy ones and then one that you can clip to your bed or desk. They even make fancy desk fans that you can plug into a USB port. Bonus benefit: they’re great for making white noise!

3. At least one large microwaveable bowl

A set of Sweese porcelain fluted bowls. Click to view  Walmart page. Sure, you can always eat in the dining hall on campus, but having the option to eat in your room is also nice. So the next college must be at least one large microwaveable bowl.

Fun fact: You can also make macaroni and cheese in the microwave, but if you plan to, get some milk from the cafeteria.

4. Noise canceling headphones

These are a 100% must. You’ll need them for studying in the library, cafes, dormitories, and while riding the bus. You can use them to unwind, meditate, jam on the way to class or for lullabies before bed. Sometimes you just need to block out the madness of the world.

Sometimes you just need to block out the madness of the world.

5. Cleaning wipes

You can clean a laptop keyboard, a desk, a door handle or mysterious stains on the floor. Definitely one of the must have dorms.

6. Coffee maker

Whether you have classes in the morning or study late at night, having a personal coffee maker in your dorm can be a big help.

7. Table lamps

Colorful LED table lamp for study. Click to view Walmart page. If you want to save your eyes, get a lamp in your room.

8. Shower trolley

Many dorms involve sharing a bathroom, either with your roommates or with your floor or building. By having a shower box, you can quickly and easily transport and store all your bathroom items. Just make sure you have a carrier big enough to fit everything in! You’ll probably need it to store your face soap, body wash, shaving cream, razors, shampoo, washcloths, and maybe even towels.

9. Mini tool kit

Apollo Overhaul Hand Tool Kit. Click to view  Walmart page. You never know when you’ll need a screwdriver—and that cute comedian down the hall might need help putting something together.

10. Excess school and office supplies

And by excess I mean heaps. We’re talking pens, pencils, highlighters, those fancy little charts that stick to textbook pages, a 3 hole punch, a regular size stapler, and a mini stapler that you can throw in your backpack, paper, notebooks, binders, dividers, reports covers etc.

11. Garbage liners

Simplehuman White Drawstring Garbage Bag. Click to view  Walmart page. You’ll be surprised how much trash you can collect in a short amount of time, so you’ll need plenty of liners when you need to take it to the dumpster. Money saving tip: save your grocery bags and use them for trash if possible!


Unfortunately, accidents happen. Having a small first aid kit in your room can be your best friend in case of a small emergency. Many kits will include useful items such as stain remover, cough drops, plasters, nail clippers, antibiotic ointment and more.

13. Command hanging straps and hooks

Multipack of Command Mounting Tapes. Click to view  Walmart page. These save lives. You can’t very well drive a nail into a brick or cinder block wall – nor should you. Use stripes for your posters and decorations. And use the hooks to easily store hats and jewelry.

14. Pile of pillows and blankets

Two white Beckham Hotel Collection pillows. Click to view  Walmart page. You never know when unexpected guests will arrive or when friends will decide to crash the night away.

15. A large calendar (desk or wall) in addition to your planner

2012-2023 Monthly Academic Year Wall Calendar. Click to view  Walmart page. Use a large calendar to map out when big projects and documents are due. If you see it every day and keep updating your planner, you’re less likely to forget that something important is coming up. A calendar to go with your planner is one of those school must-haves.