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CM Trade Brand Officially Launches Online For Traders

International leading trading service broker, CM Trade, announces its official launch to enhance the online trading experience with unique features

CM Trade was launched in March 2022 and in a related development, the trading service broker, co-founded by professionals in the international financial field and experts in the field of Internet technology, is making its online trading platform open to traders. The move is part of the goal of providing investors with 24-hour global mainstream financial derivatives trading services such as foreign exchange, precious metals, crude oil, and stock indices.

Online trading has grown in popularity and acceptance over the years, with platforms emerging to help traders and investors enjoy consistent profits and returns. However, CM Trade is looking to take the experience to a whole new level by enabling investors to easily grasp fair and transparent quotations from the global market and enjoy professional and unique expert reviews. Other features of CM Trade include access to massive industry information, advanced trading platforms and rich learning resources. CM Trade is versatile and suitable for all categories of users, including novices and industry experts, helping investors better grasp investment opportunities in the active global market as a reliable trading partner.

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Features of CM Trade

New Interface Optimization

As an international investment and wealth management APP, CM Trade offers users a refreshing feeling in appearance, with a clearer and more comprehensive interface and system setting.

Consulting Functions

The consultation function section is more obvious on the homepage, enabling users to ask questions in the online consultation column, with a 24/7 customer support system available to answer queries.

Diversified Payment Functions

CM Trade has multiple payment channels, with three payment channels – credit card payment, UnionPay transfer channel, and offline supermarket channel available to users making their first deposit in Taiwan. The credit card channel is a newly added channel for new users after the upgrade.

Safety Guaranteed

CM Trade is regulated by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission and the St. Vincent Monetary Authority, providing users with security assurances. The platform is keen on the security of funds and has adopted a variety of effective measures to maintain the security of customer funds, transactions and information.

Separated Depository of Funds

In strict compliance with regulatory requirements, clients’ assets are hosted in independent bank accounts and are strictly separated from the company’s operating assets. Additionally, each order is open and transparent, safe and queried. The data of each historical transaction can also be queried at any time in the transaction background, and a unique quotation serial number is configured for the price of each lot, and the unique quotation serial number will be displayed on each transaction order.

Deductible Balance Guarantee

There is a risk management system with a deductible balance guarantee to ensure that users’ accounts do not have a negative balance, with strict control of the transaction risk within an absolute range.

Information Security

CM Trade’s professional technical team uses the most advanced and stable technologies in terms of security technology, internal construction, transaction orders and privacy management to ensure the safety and satisfaction of investors’ transactions.

The continuous optimization of the APP by the CM Trade production team will enable the launch of more practical sections in the future, offering more convenience in trading and international promotion. Users in other countries can also experience the intimate trading services offered by CM Trade.

For further information about CM Trade and how to enjoy the forex trading experience, call the customer service line: cmtrade888 or visit – https://www.cmtrade.com/en/home.