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Cleaning for Indoor Air Quality

The house is our fortress. At home, we relax, recuperate and spend time with our families. That is why a healthy and comfortable atmosphere is critical. People often think that regular cleaning is enough to keep things clean. However, it cannot permanently remove particles of dust and cleaning products from the air. Such tiny particles can cause allergies and diseases of the upper respiratory tract. Learn how to protect your loved ones from the invisible enemy.

Why Air Quality Is Important

Clean air and lack of pollution have always been important. However, in recent times the issue has been particularly acute. The number of people working from home has increased dramatically in recent years. Therefore, the average person spends almost all the time within the walls of his house. Thus, the presence of allergens and dust particles adversely affects health.

Many people note a deterioration in their general condition, asthma attacks, and frequent colds. So, of course, health care requires an integrated approach. But it’s worth starting with air purification in residential premises.

Not all cleaning is good. The use of aggressive cleaning products can damage not only the atmosphere of the house but also the environment. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a company that provides green cleaning. Only then will the measures taken be genuinely effective and safe.

How to Improve Indore Air Quality

Firstly, take care of the thorough cleaning of the premises. It is best to order professional janitorial services to eliminate the primary sources of dust and allergens. However, do not think that you will constantly have to use the services of specialists to breathe clean air. There are many things you can do on your own.

Ventilate Rooms Regularly

Fresh air is the first means of providing comfort at home. Open your windows daily at any time of the year. Of course, if the environmental situation in your area leaves much to be desired, open windows can only worsen the situation. In such a case, install an air conditioner to circulate the air.

Decorate the Room with Flowers

Plants decorate the interior and do a great job with air pollution. Everyone knows that plants absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. In addition, their leaves serve as excellent dust collectors, and some potted flowers can even clean the air of heavy metal particles.

Green decor elements soothe, relieve stress, and help relax after work. Most importantly, do not forget to wash the plants or wipe their leaves regularly.

Don’t Use a Fireplace

Wood-burning fireplaces that seem so cozy and safe also harm the atmosphere in the house. If you live in a private house, then you can have such a means of heating and relaxing the room. Yes, contemplation of a burning live fire helps to relax after a hard day but remember that solid particles, ash, get into the air during combustion, which you inhale.

They pollute the lungs. Also, fire cannot be maintained without oxygen, which means the flame burns the precious element, leaving the air saturated with combustion products and carbon dioxide.

Use Natural Cleaners

Remember that cleaning products also get into the air and remain on surfaces. It can be dangerous, especially if small children live in the house. Try to use natural cleaning products. The same requirement applies to professionals you hire to clean your home. If you call disinfecting services, make sure they use environmentally friendly substances that are harmless to people.

Do not think that such remedies are less effective. On the contrary, you can achieve excellent results with the help of ordinary soda and vinegar. In addition, many products on the market are made from natural ingredients that will not harm the home.

Pay Attention to Materials

If you are renovating or upgrading things, be careful. Some materials are toxic and should not be used in residential areas. Do not use such solutions, even if they are cheaper than safe materials. You don’t need to do any complicated steps. Just read the composition and choose more environmentally friendly things.

Humidify the Air

The drier the air, the more suspended particles it contains. Purchase a humidifier to maintain optimal humidity in your living spaces. It has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin and hair, facilitates breathing, and reduces the amount of dust.

Get Rid of Needless Things

One of the primary air pollutants in the house is ordinary dust. It tends to settle on everything it can linger on. And firstly, these are shelves, souvenirs, curtains, various napkins, etc.

Suppose you are not ready to wipe/shake out the dust constantly. In that case, we recommend that, at least during the period of exacerbation of diseases or an unfavorable epidemiological situation, simply remove all souvenirs from the shelves and reduce the number of textiles in the room.

Sort through the things in the closets and throw out everything superfluous. Even though they are covered with doors, dust still accumulates on them. And if you do not use these things, it makes sense to eliminate them.

Buy an Air Purifier

To maintain the air’s purity, buying an ionizer or a special purifier is enough. Get this simple device, put it anywhere in the room, and turn it on. It will become easier to breathe in just a few tens of minutes.

The purifier, driving the air through itself, will collect all the dust and pathogens in a special filter or water (depending on how it works). Further, it is enough just to clean the components of the device, and that’s it. After that, you can use it again to purify the air.


The cleaner the air in the house, the less likely pathogenic viruses and bacteria will actively multiply in the apartment. It is stuffy and has a small amount of oxygen, which is a favorable environment for their development. Clean air in the house is the key to your health and well-being. So pay attention to all of the above recommendations. Just choose the air purification option that is most convenient for you, use it, and breathe deeply.