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Cinetry Media Production Announces Madelyne Franklyn – Alberta Achieves Retargeting Traffic Certification, Achievement of Excellence

Hanover, MD, January 9, 2023, Cinetry Media Production, is proud to announce Madelyne Franklyn – Alberta, has obtained an Achievement of Excellence certification in Retargeting Traffic, and is recognized as a Retargeting Specialist.

Madelyne Franklyn – Alberta of Cinetry Media Production has been certified in recognition of her outstanding knowledge and expertise in the marketing discipline of “Retargeting.”

This achievement is only awarded to a select few who have proven continued excellence and understanding in three specific core areas.

The first area is market expertise. Franklyn – Alberta has spent many hours studying and learning the most innovative and effective retargeting strategies.

The second area is attaining distinction through rigorous, comprehensive, repeated implementation and market testing.

Last but not least, Franklyn – Alberta successfully completed a case study practicum where her results consistently outperformed the national average

About Cinetry Media Production

Cinetry Media Production has spent years helping local business owners boost their traffic, enhance their social media presence, provide top quality video content, deliver brand and reputation management, and more. Our unique and hands-on approach has proven time and again that even small changes can make a huge difference, in a very short period of time.

As a local business owner, we understand that you have your hands full dealing with the day to day of your business and dealing with customers. Unfortunately, for many, that means it can be difficult to research, learn, and implement fresh new ways to maximize your profits.

That’s why here at Cinetry Media Production our focus is on assisting local businesses expand their brand reach and reputation using a series of leading techniques and strategies. We are committed to using tried and true methods along with a desire to help businesses find new and unique ways to bring new clients right to your door.

Retargeting is just one of the full suite of tools we offer. Our strategies help locate new customers with engaging content, and secure them. This allows you to focus on business growth without wasting your precious resources and time.

Let Cinetry Media Production focus on bringing in new business so that you can focus on your company.


Madelyne Franklyn – Alberta

Marketing Specialist

Cinetry Media Production