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Choosing an AI development company

AI is gaining popularity, and it is not surprising that there is a great demand for ML professional services in the market. So plenty of companies offer developers in this area. Constant updating of libraries and modification of features and shells requires the choice of a team that is experienced and has deep knowledge of modern tools and frameworks. You can leave it “your own” – but the advantage of the agency is that they absorb the latest innovations and are at the interface with science – many teach at leading universities – the result is more advanced solutions, less time for development and use. However, how to choose if thousands of companies offer their services?

Setting goals and deadlines

Before you start working with a company, you should have an exact statement of goals, technical demands, and strategy for further product development. Of course, this does not mean you have to plan out every detail. Also, there are a lot of companies that work on the Agile principle. The process means you can make changes during the project, but the less transparent your demands, the longer will be the development to achieve satisfaction with a final product. However, it is undesirable. After all, constant change will increasingly concentrate on solving small tasks and distance you from your initial goal. It is necessary to pay due attention at this stage before moving on.

Find companies for the AI development

After completing the first stage, you should list companies that can handle your tasks. There are many ways to do this on the Internet, for example, using Google. However, we recommend using a Сlutch where you can find out in detail about the price, rating, the focus of the service on AI, the number of employees, the minimum size of the project, the price per hour, etc. Using make an approximate impression of them.

Check them

Be sure to check the company’s competence. To do this, study their portfolio. Search the reviews, read about the activities, and check their previous works. We recommend asking them to share cases closely related to your task. 

Find a real partner

Determining how well the outsourced software company can use all the tools to create your desired product is crucial. The company you choose should not just be an external executor. You’ll achieve the desired result only with an involved and transparent agency with a wide portfolio of projects.


We recommend working with a company that understands your values and deeply involved in the collaboration. They should be able to know all the specifics of the case. We do not recommend contacting companies specializing in every field because it is impossible to be an expert in every field. To find out how deeply the company knows your business niche, you should ask questions and check their portfolio to see similar projects. 

  1. Communication style

AI development is a very complex process, so an appropriate contact is needed here. The chosen company should be able to recognize your desires. Good communication is the key to creating the desired product. It is always helpful to share ideas, speculate, and analyze. Therefore, you can estimate the speed of reaction to your initial questions and the level of detail in the answers, how clear the explanations are, how comfortable to speak with them, and how quickly you can reach a mutual agreement on some compromise points. It will give you an idea of whether their communication style matches your expectations.

  • Development methodology

Each company uses its development method. It is necessary to consider the ways of the company in which you are interested and think whether they are suitable.

  • Ensuring security

Using AI to create your product requires confidential information. It is necessary to find out how carefully the company treats you to save all your data. Be sure to ask questions about how they will protect all the data you provide. Each company has a different attitude to security, so find one that can provide the necessary protection.

  • Structure and team

Get acquainted with the structure of the team and learn about its members. Find out how roles are distributed and how to share work. It is not worth working with companies where no clear team structure. Undivided work becomes inefficient.

  • Test and maintenance

Before signing a contract with a company, find out their policy regarding testing at each stage. Any deviations will negatively affect all your work. It is necessary to find out about the service. Does the company serve after offering the final product, and for how long? Does it support your AI project after release?


Each company is unique, so find the one that is right for your project. The main thing is to remember the aspects that we have described. If companies don’t suit you in various aspects, feel free to start all over again. It will require additional effort, but the desired product is worth it.