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Choosing a Speaker for Your Corporate Event: What You Need to Know

Are you holding a corporate event to boost morale or network with other companies? Are you wondering which details need your attention? One often overlooked aspect is picking out a speaker.

Many speakers earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. Not only can good speakers win company promotions, but they can also get lucrative speaking gigs.

A speaker for your corporate event can enhance your audience’s engagement and help them leave with new skills and new perspectives. However, not all event speakers are created equal. If you want to make sure your corporate event is a success, you need to do your due diligence.

This article will cover some things to keep in mind when choosing someone to speak at your corporate event. Read on to discover how you can make sure you hire someone great.

Determine Your Objectives And Audience

Having a clear understanding of the expectations and goals for the event is essential in helping decide on the most appropriate speaker. Knowing who the event is geared toward – employees, customers, or potential buyers – will also help identify the best fit for the event. It’s important to consider what type of experience the audience would most likely enjoy and benefit from.

Understanding the audience’s expectations will allow the speaker to tailor their message, providing organized and relevant content that is sure to make an impact. Taking the time to consider objectives and audience can ensure the speaker chosen for a corporate event is the right fit for the event’s goals.

Assess Speaker’s Style And Personality

When assessing a speaker for a business event, an important tidbit to remember is their style and personality. It should not only be considered to determine their fit within the organization and for the specific event but also to ensure the audience receives an engaging and dynamic presentation. Staying away from generic topics or without creativity can mean lackluster performances.

A speaker with a lighthearted, entertaining style will be better able to engage with the audience, while a more serious and formal tone is more suitable for a professional. Take the time to watch a few recordings of the speaker’s current or past performances to get a better impression of the speaker’s style, energy, and personality.

Another factor to consider is to assess if the speaker has prior experience discussing or working with a topic similar to what your corporate event will center around. This can mean having an experienced, knowledgeable speaker to help shape your event for its ultimate success.

Negotiate Fees And Logistics For You Corporate Event

Negotiating fees and logistics when it comes to choosing a speaker for your corporate event is extremely important. Before you dive into making a commitment to a speaker, you should entrust that you understand the cost along with the details of what is expected by you and the speaker. Most speakers will have a range of prices they charge, so make sure to ask and understand what is included in the fee.

Discuss other logistics, including travel and lodging if applicable, and make sure you both understand how you plan to coordinate and communicate the dates of the event and timelines for any pre-event prep. You should also determine if the speaker will have their own sound system, microphone, and any other AV equipment needed to make the event successful. All the details need to be discussed and agreed to before making a commitment to the speaker.

Check Speaker’s Credentials

When choosing a speaker for your company event, one of the most important things you need to consider is the speaker’s credentials. This typically refers to their expertise, experience, and background in the topics they speak on. It’s important to research their educational background, past speaking engagements, and any published or produced works.

You should also contact the speaker themselves or their agent and ask plenty of questions to ensure a successful event. Lastly, always arrange a trial or audition run of the speaker’s recommended presentation so you can see their performance in action and gauge whether the speaker is the right choice.

Complement Your Organization’s Mission And Values

When choosing a speaker for your corporate event, it’s important to ensure that their ideology, presentation, energy, and style complement your organization’s mission and values. Selecting a speaker with an inspiring yet aligning message is key to the success of your event and the retention of your audience.

Identifying a speaker who’s in tune with your organizational mission and values is essential to maximize the impact of your event. Lastly, consider a speaker who encompasses transparency, integrity, and industry knowledge. These foundation principles will be reflected in their feedback and takeaways, ultimately allowing your organization to receive the most value from your corporate event.

Possess An Optimistic Outlook

If you are looking for a speaker who will inspire and motivate employees, you will want to choose someone who has an optimistic outlook and mindset. It’s important to find someone who can present a realistic but positive view of the future and is willing to impart an uplifting message to the members in attendance.

Look for someone who is equally as passionate about their message as they are reaching out and connecting with the audience. To be the best motivational speakers, they should be able to make people feel enthusiastic, energized, and ready to take on the challenges ahead.

Finalizing Your Decision

Before you begin the search for a speaker for your corporate event, consider these essential characteristics: credibility, specialty and expertise, public speaking skills, engaging style, and brand alignment. A professional speaker with the right credentials and presence can truly add value to your event.

Don’t hesitate to contact a speaker early in order to understand how to make the most out of this collaboration. Reach out today, and make your event a success!

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