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Cheedoe Is Taking is his company “MTR ENT.” To the next level in the Market.

MTR ENT. Llc Owner, Joshua Wallace is using his business as a tool to “corner the market.”

Aspiring musician, writer, business & record label owner, Joshua Wallace is using his company as a tool to advance others in the unpredictable music and entertainment industries. Born in the city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At, just age 30 Mr. Wallace is using consistency as a tool for marketing.

People want to see Real Results…

The entrepreneur has added a full list of services to the newly established business, which allows him to utilize outsourcing more effectively to overall maximize exposure to his brand. Mr. Wallace says, “often times we caught up in the, WHO, we know and not, WHAT! Which has been the difference in approach for the young owner.

Marketing, PR work, Social Media marketing and management as well, as music production and distribution are just a few of this companies main services offered to musicians and businesses alike. Unlike, most companies, MTR ENT LLC. Also offers services for marketing and PR, to non music -based businesses and organizations. This really allows him expand his business even more as he is not just directing his focus on one specific market.

Without marketing and advertising a company can be considered unsuccessful as to any good plan, it takes a budget and investments states Josh. Currently, the company is a single member LLC, operating with outsourced subcontracted agencies and music professionals alike. The city is excited to see the growth amongst, “Cheedoe MrOyeah,” and More than Rap Entertainment LLC. as a whole.

New Single Titled : No Filter By Cheedoe/MTR ENT. LLC IS set to be released February 7th, 2023.

Some Services offered by MTR ENT LLC ARE:

  • Marketing
  • Social media management/promotion
  • Music production and distribution
  • Publishing
  • Artist management
  • Ghost writing
  • PR/ work for Blogs And News Outlets

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