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Chain Link Fence Repair Cost

The cost to repair a chainlink fence varies depending on the damage and the type of fence. Chainlink fences come in galvanized, vinyl coated and aluminum, so the difference in price for the material is a factor.

On average, you’ll pay $250 – $350 to repair an 8-foot section of fence. In most cases, the section will need to be replaced. If the fence is leaning and posts need to be dug out and re-set, this will double the cost.

Replacing a dilapidated chainlink fence might be worth the cost rather than constantly repairing it. See this website for new chainlink fence installation costs.

Average Cost of Repairing Chain Link Fences

Service Unit Measurement Low High Average
Material cost Per Linear Foot $5 $20 $14
Chain Link Fence Repair Total Cost Avg. 100ft $130 $1100 $615
Chain Link Fence Repair Labor Costs Per Linear Foot $8 $20 $14
Chain Link Fence Repair Labor Costs Per Hour $25 $50 $37.5
Chain Link Fence Repair 200 feet $1600 $4000 $2800

The Cost to Repair a Chain Link Fence by Size

A chain link fencing’s size greatly influences the average cost to repair it. Expect to pay an average of $14 per linear foot to repair your chain link fence. This price is inclusive of both the labor and material cost.

Fence Size in Linear Feet Fence Repair Cost
25 $350
50 $700
100 $1400
200 $2800
300 $4200

The Cost to Repair a Chain Link Fence by Material

Stainless steel, steel with vinyl coating and galvanized steel are the most common materials used to construct chain link fences. Although the installation cost for all these materials is relatively similar, their material costs are quite different.

Fence Material Fence Material Cost Per Linear Foot
Galvanized Steel $12
Stainless Steel $14
Vinyl Coated Wire $15

Labor Cost to Repair a Chain Link Fence

A chain link fence costs about $14 per linear foot or $37.5 per hour to professionally repair. Opting for a handyman will cost you an average of $20 per hour. Simple repairs can be left to handymen or DIY contractors while complex ones should be professionally handled.

The cost of labor to repair a chain link fence largely depends on the fence contractors you hire, your area of residence and the degree of repairs required. Labor rates should however only apply for a few hours because a chain link fencing repair project is relatively easy to complete.

The Cost to Fix a Chain Link Fence by Type of Repair

Chain link fence repairs come in many shapes and sizes. Over time, a chain link fence may lean, rust, crack, develop holes or require adjustment. Fortunately, the majority of chain link fence repairs are simple and cost-effective.

Repairing Rust on a Chain Link Fence

A rusting chain link fence should be immediately cleaned and covered to keep it structurally stable. This process involves removing debris and rust with a wire brush, rinsing the fence with a water hose and spraying a rust inhibitor on the fence.

Use a specialist paint that covers and prevents rust if you want to restore your fence’s original appearance. The cost of hiring a handyman to clean and paint the fence is $7 per linear foot on average. The overall cost of treating rust on a 200- foot long chain link fence is therefore $1400 on average.

Repairing a Chain Link Fence Gate

Chain link fence gates will eventually need to be repaired. This is because they are prone to damage from many things including playing children, mowers, rust and falling branches. Repairing a chain link fence gate is however quite simple.

Properly cleaning the gate and adjusting or changing the hinges can readily fix any sagging and rust. The chain link mesh as well as the frame on the gate can also be easily replaced if need be. The average project cost for a chain link fence gate repair is $130.

Repairing Holes on a Chain Link Fence

Patching is the most common way of repairing broken or missing links on chain link fences. This normally involves trimming the edges of the holes and cutting out new fence sections to fit in their place.

Aluminum wire ties are usually used to attach the new fence patches to the old fence. Expect to pay an average price of $75 to repair a hole on your chain link fence.

Repairing The Top Rail of a Chain Link Fence

The top rail of a chain link fence can be damaged by many things including falling tree limbs. In such cases, service professionals usually remove the damaged part of the old rail.

They then replace it with a new rail which has an open end on one side and a crimped end on the other. The crimped end is normally fitted into the old rail’s open end. The price estimates for such a repair often average at $140.

Repairing The Fence Posts of a Chain Link Fence

The fence posts of a chain link fence can be damaged for a variety of reasons, including weathering, rust, fallen objects, direct impact or lack of a concrete base. Although damaged posts can be repaired, local professionals mostly recommend post replacement.

To set up new posts, you must uproot the old posts, dig post holes, pour fresh concrete, set the new post and rejoin the existing chain link fencing. Expect to pay an average professional installation cost of $200 for such a fence project.

Repairing a Leaning Chain Link Fence

Chain link fence leaning is mostly a result of unstable steel posts. An improperly installed perimeter or corner post will certainly cause your chain link fence to lean. Your fence could however also lean when a heavy tree limb falls on it.

To remedy the leaning on your fence, your fence posts will need to be properly reset. The fence prices for resetting a post are $150 on average. The total cost for repairing a leaning chain link fence is $570.

How to Maintain Your Chain Link Fencing

Maintaining a chain link fence is certainly easier than metal, picket or wood fence maintenance. It basically involves frequent inspection especially after a season of extreme weather conditions. When inspecting, you should check for rust and any damaged or missing links.

You should also check whether the gates are properly swinging and ensure that all posts and rails are in good condition. Any rust and damage that is discovered should be fixed as soon as possible. Annual power washing of the fence with soap or white vinegar is also recommended.

Hiring an expert to maintain your fence for you will cost you an average of $30 per hour or $1 per linear foot. DIY maintenance is, however the cheaper and more common alternative.

Reasons to Repair a Chain Link Fence

Rail, post and mesh damage are the most frequent problems that affect chain link fencing. They are normally brought about by a variety of reasons including extreme weather, direct accidental impact, strong winds, vegetation overgrowth, rust and falling trees.

Chain Link vs Wood Fence Repair Cost

A chain link fence repair costs much less than a wooden fence repair project. This is because a chain link fence costs lesser in the material than wooden fences. Chain link fence labor costs are also relatively low because its repairs require only a few hours to be dealt with.


Can I Use Wood Posts for My Chain Link Fence?

A great way to upgrade your chain link fence is by attaching your chain link mesh onto wood posts. This usually involves replacing our steel posts with wooden ones. You can then roll out and secure your mesh between the posts before adding your top and bottom rails.

What is a Tension Bar for a Chain Link Fence?

Tension bars are used to vertically hold chain link wire ends to terminal posts. These terminal posts include gate posts, end posts and corner posts. Tension bars normally slide vertically into the channel formed when the chain link fabric is woven.

What is The Difference Between Tension Bands and Brace Bands?

The tension bar and chain link mesh are held together by a tension band while the top rail and rail end cap are held in place by a brace band. A brace band is a metal strip formed to go around a post and used to secure the rail end to the post using a nut and a carriage bolt.

How Much Does a Fence Repair Kit Cost for a Chain Link Fence?

With so many different types of damages and solutions, there is a wide variety of chain link fence repair kits. You can even construct your own depending on the problems at hand.

The basic supplies that you will need include posts, rails, tension bands, mesh, a fence puller, a hacksaw, a pair of pliers, bolt cutters and a shovel. The typical range for purchasing these commodities is $150 to $250.

Is a Chain Link Fence Installation Cheaper than that of a Wood Fence?

The average installation cost of a chain link fence is normally cheaper than that of a wood fence. This is mainly because of the low cost of chain link fencing materials.

The labor costs of installing a chain link fence are also cheaper than those of putting up a wood fence. However, add-ons such as a fabric screen, vinyl coating and privacy slats are known to raise the overall chain link fence cost per square foot.