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CBD Oil As A Young Athlete In Australia

At this point, CBD oil is no longer a secret to the world, everyone’s already heard about the benefits of CBD at least once before. But considering that CBD Oil Australia is quite new, I’ve been seeing heaps of misinformation about CBD which could result in false expectations when it comes to taking CBD. My name is Luke, I’m an aspiring rugby athlete and CBD has miraculously changed my life. I hope my blog helps those interested in trying CBD find the right sources of information and take the best steps towards CBD use.

It all started back in 2019 during off-season practice when I fractured my right ankle. Coach had granted me 6 months to recover. My first two months sitting out was not the best for me as I was routinely committing to physiotherapy, medication, and relentless pain with no solid results. After having clearance to travel, I went to the US on a solo mission to get my hands on CBD.

Within my first week in the US, I was thrilled to finally try CBD. My first CBD product was a full-spectrum, orally administered, CBD Oil which I took twice a day. Almost immediately, my overall health condition felt refreshed. For once, I had high hopes to be able to recover in time. However, I needed to know for certain if CBD was really enough to overcome my ankle injury. I maintained light recovery exercises into my schedule, however I also doubled down on my sleep schedule. Most of the recovery relies heavily on my sleep cycle. The combination of better sleep and consistent training has brought me and my rugby career a better trajectory.

Last year, Australia legalized CBD. With countless hours of combing through articles about getting CBD in Australia, I finally landed on CBD Oil Australia which released their top 3 list of CBD brands that can deliver high quality (legal) CBD products to Australians. These brands have been tested on their behalf to credit their findings and rank their results.

Fast forward to now, my ankle has not only fully recovered, but is even stronger than before. I feel a rooted connection with my own mind and body that I’ve never had before, giving me that extra performance drive to continue being a better athlete. I’m looking forward to competing in professional rugby this year with the help of my trusty Lullaby Luxury to keep me legally compliant through drug tests and in tip top shape.

Although CBD is not the cure-all medicine, I do recommend everyone who feels like they might need it to give it a try. It’s cost effective, natural, and now easily accessible in Australia.