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Careers in engineering: Our top tips for industry events and opportunities

Looking for a new opportunity in engineering? Whether you’re only just starting out or taking on a new cohort of students, it’s always worth learning about upcoming events, workshops, and competitions. Not only could it leave you with fresh, new ideas, but it could even help you to prepare lessons and practical training in the future.

  • Robotics Summit & Expo

Held from May 10th-11th, this industry-leading exhibition is held at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center. You’ll discover a wide range of exhibitors showcasing the latest innovations in artificial intelligence. A varied agenda packed with talks from special guest speakers promises an exciting, comprehensive learning opportunity.

  • The OKdo Rock Engineering Competition 2023

Hosted by the manufacturers of cutting-edge single-board computers, the Rock Engineering Challenge invites budding developers, coders and engineers to submit an idea based on the OKdo ROCK SBC. The most impressive entry will win a $50,000 partnership with OKdo.

And there are other prizes to be won, too: the first 500 qualifying challenge entries will receive a ROCK board of their choice, worth up to $159. It’s free to enter the challenge and the deadline is April 12th, 2023.

  • World Petrochemical Conference

Applications are now open for the returning World Petrochemical Conference. Hosted in Houston from March 20-24, this is the most significant gathering of industry leaders providing an international platform for major strategic solutions in the petrochemical industry. 

Guest speakers for 2023 include top executives at S&P alongside leaders from some of the most influential companies in the industry. If you specialize in chemical engineering, this isn’t one to miss. 

  • Hanover Messe Digital Edition

If you’re willing to travel, this exceptional trade fair boasts a central platform for networking and innovation in the age of industrial transformation. With a conference program featuring professionals in science, politics and business, it’s hosted from April 17th through to April 21st

This international exhibition will showcase critical developments in:

  • Ai & Machine Learning
  • Carbon-neutral production
  • Energy management
  • Hydrogen & fuel cells


  • Global Innovation Challenge 2023

Global Innovation Exchange (GIE) is inviting the public to create an original technological or robotic solution that helps solve an environmental or health-related issue. 

Your original creation could address a range of technologies including IoT, low-cost sensors, robotics, computer vision and machine learning, along with cloud computing. Entries for the Global Innovation Challenge run until February 28th, so there’s still time to submit yours.

Regardless of your niche in engineering, there are so many opportunities that can be seized to harness your knowledge and practical skills. So, if you’re an engineer, lab technician, or a developer, make sure you’re actively seeking new opportunities to learn.