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Car trackers are the solution as Car theft incidents have increased

Instances of car theft are on the up and for complete peace of mind, car trackers should be considered as the number one choice when considering which anti-theft device is best to protect your asset. If we are to look at purely the numbers, gathered data provides us with an insight into everything regarding vehicle loss, car damage, security breaches, and theft attempts. In 2020, 74,769 automobiles were reported stolen, for a daily average of 205 vehicles stolen, or one vehicle stolen every 7 minutes. This recorded data covers the national ground, meaning such vehicle thefts were spread out right across the country.

Many people expected that car thefts would reduce because of COVID-19 regulations. However, the economic consequences of a pandemic may have been a significant contributor. According to a recent Office for National Statistics estimate, just 72% of stolen automobiles were ever found. 

When paired with the discovery of a significant spike in keyless auto thefts, it has been established that many occurrences were ‘relay attacks’ rather than carried out by “joyriders” or opportunists.

Being presented with such facts can be alarming, even for the safest neighbourhoods. When we are faced with a lack of protection and safety, it is perhaps time to set up safety measures ourselves. An excellent way to do this is to invest in a GPS tracker or go for a multi-layered approach by combining immobilisers and faraday pouches for things like our cars, motorcycles, and other vehicles.

GPS Trackers Are Proven To Help Recover Stolen Cars and Vans

If one of your vehicles is stolen, you may use GPS tracking to find out precisely where it is. This increases the chances of recovery to 97% as monitored car trackers especially provide round the clock access to a specialist Team that will work with the police and their in house Security Specialists to intercept and recover your asset for you, minimising your stress and reducing your exposure to the substantial costs of replacing a car.