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Car Accident Reports: What You Need to Know

You should get a copy of the accident report if you are in an automobile accident in Macon, including any collisions with pedestrians or bicyclists.

A copy of your crash report is acquired by the Macon car accident attorney you retain to represent you in your accident claim. But before you use the information to submit your insurance claim, you might want to obtain a copy of the report so you can check it for errors.

Obtaining a copy of a Savannah accident report

In Macon, Georgia, the Police Department looks into most auto accidents.

By filing a Statement of Need form to the Records Department, you can request motor vehicle accident reports from the Savannah Police Department. Your involvement or interest in the auto accident is verified by the Statement of Need. The crash report is also available online via BuyCrash by LexisNexis, where you may pay for, download, and print the report directly from the website.

In limited instances, the State Police Department or the County Police Department may also look into auto accidents.

You can get in touch with the Open Record Unit or the State Patrol Post about crashes that the Georgia State Police is investigating. The Georgia Department of Transportation will accept requests for crash reports, and you can also use BuyCrash to pay for the report online.

As soon as possible, examine the auto accident record. If there are any errors, you should let the police officer who wrote the report know about them and ask them to fix them.

It is necessary for the inaccuracies to be factual, such as the accident’s date or location. It’s doubtful that a police officer will alter their assessment of what happened or who was at fault.

Exactly why do I require a copy of my auto accident report?

You may be able to file an automobile accident claim with the help of the extensive information in an accident report. You require a copy of the report for your own files.

It’s possible that the report will include details on:

  • The names and phone numbers of each driver
  • the incident’s time, place, and date
  • The accident’s time-specific road and meteorological circumstances
  • Each driver’s insurance information
  • any witnesses’ names and contact information
  • observations made by the drivers and witnesses
  • A representation of the accident site created by a police officer