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Some accidents are major, and some are not. But people are equally baffled when something hits their car. You are in a car accident, and it is horrible; there is no other way to put it. But it is time to remain calm and gather as much relevant information as possible. You are reading this article, so you have already made the right decision. Now, continue reading to learn more.

Stop The Car: The first thing you should do when in an accident is to stop the vehicle. If the car engine is still running, and you are not in a position to concentrate on driving, another accident is likely to happen soon. Therefore, find a good spot to stop and park the car safely. People often don’t understand what has just happened until they step away from the vehicle and inspect the situation.

Look Out For Injury: If you have people inside your vehicle, the first thing you must ensure is their safety. Make sure you and the co-passengers are physically fine. If anyone is hurt, they must be taken to the emergency immediately.

  • Call 911 and let the police know about your emergency. The longer you wait to make the call, the more difficult it becomes for the help to reach you. However, you may also ask the locals to help take the injured to a nearby hospital.
  • Seek medical help even if the injury seems minor. At times, one suffers from internal damage that can’t be seen with open eyes. Therefore, it is better to go for a CAT scan and get everything checked out even If you are certain that you did not suffer from any injury during the accident.

Gather Information: Accidents can be of many types; for example, vehicle rollover, rear-end collision, head-on-collision and so on. But when it is a hit-and-run case, you have to be more careful. You must gather information about the vehicle that has caused your vehicle damage. It is especially important to identify the car if you want to be reimbursed for the damage.

  • Check CCTV footage of local shops to identify the car.
  • Note down the car’s number, color, model type, and so on.
  • It is not advised to chase the car to gather more information as it may lead to further damage.
  • However, if you get to talk to the driver responsible for the accident, ask for his information. Note down his contact number and insurance details.

Compensation: Since you were in no way responsible for the accident, you should be reimbursed for all the expenses, including medical expenses. However, there are times when the insurance company only covers the partial medical cost and not the full amount. In such a scenario, you can always take legal steps against the insurance company because they are liable to pay the cost. One may reach out to Clearwater Personal Injury Lawyer to learn more about the procedure. When you have legal representatives, it is easier to deal with such cases. Experienced lawyers know how to treat such cases and get the best recovery package for clients.