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Capitalize Offers an Easy Solution for Rolling Over Old 401(k)s

New York, USA, September 03, 2023 – Consolidating old 401(k) plans into a single IRA account is a smart financial move for many Americans. But the process of actually rolling over funds from previous employers can be daunting and complicated. Capitalize is changing that by making 401(k) rollovers fast, simple, and free.


The company’s online platform guides users through every step of consolidating their old retirement accounts. Capitalize uses smart technology to instantly find and aggregate a user’s 401(k) plans from previous jobs. Users then securely link their accounts on Capitalize’s site to kick off the seamless rollover process.

“We’re on a mission to simplify consolidating 401(k)s and make the process painless,” said Gaurav Sharma, CEO of Capitalize. “Americans switch jobs more frequently than ever before these days. That results in people having their retirement funds scattered across old employer accounts. We make it incredibly easy to bring those funds together into one IRA.”

Capitalize also assists users in selecting the right IRA provider and investments to transfer their savings into. The company’s registered investment advisors provide guidance based on a customer’s risk tolerance and financial situation. Users have fiduciary support to ensure their savings end up in optimal long-term vehicles.

Since launching in 2018, Capitalize has helped over 10,000 customers securely roll over more than $300 million in retirement funds. The company has seen surging demand as more Americans discover the value of consolidating their 401(k)s.

“I had old 401(k) accounts from three previous employers. The idea of trying to roll them over myself seemed overwhelming,” said Matt Davis, a Capitalize customer. “Capitalize made the entire process seamless. I felt in control the whole time and now have all my savings in a single IRA earning more for retirement.”

Capitalize focuses on using smart design and automation to remove traditional frictions in the 401(k) rollover process. Transferring funds between financial institutions and investment firms typically requires lots of manual paperwork. Capitalize has digitized the entire journey so users can quickly and securely consolidate old plans online.

“We’ve essentially created a TurboTax-like experience for easily rolling over 401(k) savings,” said Jason Simon, Head of Product at Capitalize. “Americans deserve a simple solution as they navigate consolidating retirement funds. Our customer satisfaction scores show we’re delivering on that promise.”

Capitalize has also partnered with leading payroll and HR services providers. These partnerships allow Capitalize to identify users that may have multiple old 401(k) accounts from previous jobs. Users can then seamlessly connect those accounts to Capitalize’s platform via their payroll or HR service.

The company’s free IRA rollover solution is available nationwide. Capitalize has achieved broad geographical coverage entirely through online servicing combined with strong strategic partnerships.

About Capitalize

Capitalize is an online platform on a mission to make rolling over 401(k) plans easy and free for everyone. The company’s technology automates the process of consolidating old employer accounts into a single IRA. Capitalize guides users through every step of securely transferring retirement funds and selecting optimal investment vehicles. The company provides fiduciary advice and support throughout the rollover journey. 


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