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Can VantageMDM Help in BYOD Practices at Organizations?

Where this is the era of technology, the bring your own device (BYOD) trend has been tremendously increasing worldwide in smaller to bigger organizations. It not only improves employee efficiency but also reduces the cost of equipment that is to be bought for the staff. But where there are greater benefits of letting them bring their own devices, there come some managerial issues as well. You would have to wrangle many devices at a time and the security risks are greater at this point. Unless you manage them properly, this practice has been associated with a lot of privacy and connectivity risks.

Common BYOD choices like smartphones and tablets are far less secure than desktops because they are not often secured the same way. For instance, anti-malware and anti-virus apps are more commonly used on laptops and desktops, and this practice is not yet common on such devices thus these devices are more prone to cyberattacks. However, with such issues raising, the IT department is finding it hard to manage all the devices at once, and also, they cannot tell their employees to do otherwise. This is where Vantage MDM jumps in to save the day and to help you to secure your data and devices through its amazing VantageMDM features.

Why do You Need Mobile Device Management Software?

Mobile Device Management app allows the IT experts to access their corporate network and the data from the devices that they are bringing, no matter where they are. You can oversee, manage, control, and secure the devices that your employees are bringing thus keeping the risks of losing the data at a minimum. MDM is the umbrella term that involves mobile content management, mobile application management, and conditional exchange issues.

The main goal of MDM solution is to make mobile devices as secure and functional as possible. Also, it allows you to protect the overall network thus minimizing the risks of losing data in any way. MDM is really important for any organization to thrive as you don’t know how cyberattacks can hit you through minor ways and can steal your data in one go. According to the recent Security Intelligence Survey, BYOD policies are on the rise, but there is so much little that any organization is doing to keep the authorize and secure devices.

VantageMDM is the best MDM software that can help you in multiple ways and that can protect whatever digital gadget your employees are bringing to the office. This way, you will continue to have trust from the employees, their efficiency will increase, and you will have a secured network around you.

What VantageMDM Features Can Help You?

If you want to dig deeper into how exactly can VantageMDM help you in securing the data and devices, here are some of the detailed features that will help you choose the app wisely.

Remote Management

You don’t have to get physical access to each smartphone to manage it or to see if there is a virus. With VantageMDM, you can monitor and manage portable devices from your IT department, no matter where the target devices are. With remote management comes great security as you can disable the devices as well even if the user is not on the premises. This has made mobile management so easy and secure.

BYOD support

While many organizations are still thinking about it, today’s talent has already decided to join the companies that allow them to be free. So, bringing your device policy is a great way of earning their trust and making them do their best. With a lot of threats and risks associated with BYOD, a lot of companies are rethinking it but VantageMDM has made it easier than ever. Now, you can provide independence to your employees alongside protecting the network.

Controlled Device Updates

Everyone turns off the software updates until the last possible moment, but unfortunately, upon doing this, employees are jeopardizing the security of the overall network. Hackers can take advantage of the hole that is left behind due to insufficient updating. But, with VantageMDM, you have control over this as well. You can make the necessary updates on the employees’ devices that are required to keep the network as secure as possible.

Internet Filtering

Where they are allowed to use their mobiles and tablets anytime they want, they might be searching for something entertaining as well. With such sort of research, comes greater risks of viruses and malware. Unintentionally, the employee can click on any of such links leading to jeopardizing the whole network and welcoming the virus to it. Due to such negligence, VantageMDM provides you the feature of internet filtering where you can decide what sort of content should be visible to the employees when they are searching wildly.

Screen Mirroring

You must have come across the many meetings and conferences where just a glitch in the internet leads to distraction and the whole point just gets lost all of a sudden. Where this can happen in any sort of meeting, this can lead to negative outcomes. To minimize this issue, VangtageMDM offers screen mirroring where the IT experts can also see side by side what is happening. They can resolve the errors right away so that the meetings can go distraction-free. Also, they can make sure that no device faces such sort of issues to promising full productivity and IT support.

VantageMDM features help you in applying the BYOD policies successfully so that you can make sure that such minor issues don’t become a hurdle for the growth of your organization. You can now get complete employee efficiency and productivity with minimum network and privacy issues. Also, VantageMDM can help in other sectors as well such as education, schooling, departmental stores, etc. You can avail the amazing features for the best IT support wherever you require.