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Caesiumlab to Attend the Biggest Blockchain Congress Event of the Year as Silver Sponsor


Seremban, Singapore – CaesiumLab has confirmed attendance for the 10th Global Blockchain Congress (GBC) set to be held between the 23rd and 24th of November in Palm Jumeriah, Dubai. The annual event marks one of the biggest blockchain events on the calendar. 

Looking to push further the boundaries of blockchain-based gaming, CaesiumLab is a Malaysian-based company that permeates the benefits of Blockchain technology into the real world. CaesiumLab ensures a transition of the virtual into the tangible, providing an avenue for Blockchain to earn real-world income through their cryptocurrencies. Ultimately, this community-driven platform is on a mission to ensure profitable blockchain development for both seasoned and amateur or inexperienced crypto traders alike. 

CaesiumLab avails a unique and decentralized blockchain model based on its TIME blockchain. In essence, productivity or income becomes a factor of the total time that users spend on the network. The Caesium reward system ensures active time in the staking program translates into bigger rewards for miners, with the model offering an above-market rate of return. 

The TIME blockchain architecture is the beating heart of the large ecosystem that Caesium affords. This ecosystem thrives upon a variety of gaming features that encompasses game/Blockchain product analytics, player data, storage, and live events, to name a few. Some of the titles already under the company’s lineup include Snow, Mountains, Fabrication, and Dessert.

CaesiumLab’s operational roadmap looks to make inroads into Asia, the Middle East, Thailand, and Pakistan. So far they have found success in their membership acquisition plan by way of segmented value proposition marketing, and community profit-sharing tactics, among others. The target for the pre-mint stage stood at 5,000,000 users, covering traders, crypto users, gamers & other blockchain product buyers/users, while the end goal is to raise the price of the Caesium token to $100 by the turn of 2024, up from the present $3. 

Presently, CaesiumLab is growing strong and gathering momentum in the crypto space. It has amassed over 29,000 users, raising over 5 million in the process while supplying over CSM cryptocurrencies. As for future plans, the company seeks to grow even bigger and aims to disseminate the benefits of crypto gaming across networks and all knowledge divides. The objective remains to create a fun and appealing way into the world of blockchain and digital asset ownership, primarily through gaming, for all types of investors and traders. 

As for the 10th edition of Global Blockchain congress that CaesiumLab will attend, it will discuss matters to do with the challenges in blockchain, its future, and the latest innovations in the industry, among others.

About CaesiumLab

Based in Singapore, Malaysia, CaesiumLab has grown to be one of the leading blockchain gaming & products company in the world. It is most renowned for its unique architecture that features a TIME blockchain. In a nutshell, the company’s mission has centered around blockchain-based gaming for all ages and accelerating the development of more equitable play-to-earn communities.