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Buying a business under 20k 

When it comes to spending 20k you can find plenty of businesses, like startups or even routes for sale, but how does when finding a business for under 20k or even choose the best routes to buy or blogs?

A route business essentially takes up a franchise of an already established brand to own, operate, and deliver in one of its existing routes. With such a business, you can either go for a protected route that includes set addresses or independent routes that do not have any such limitations. Independent routes are far more competitive but also more profitable and less expensive. Routes can be highly profitable businesses that provide stable yet passive income to the business owner. A route owner is a link between manufacturers of products and retail stores. It’s simple. As a route owner, you are simply buying products wholesale and selling them to retailers.

Finding a Route to Buy:

There are mainly two ways of buying the routes.

If you know and have decided on which route you want to buy, you can directly contact the company.

You can look at all the different kinds of routes up for sale on broker websites, such as KR Capital, BizBuySell

Advantages of Routes Business:

The best part of their business is Low startup costs. Once an initial investment is made you will simply be reinvesting your revenues to grow your business. We will learn techniques to minimize, if not eliminate these startup costs.

Customers are easy to find and keep. The more they sell the more money they make.  The best part is that once they become a customer they are always a customer. You don’t need any experience in the industry to start this business.

Retailers have many expenses including rent, electric bills, wages, theft, and many others. Manufacturers have similar costs plus equipment costs. As a distributor we have almost no expenses other than gas to make our deliveries, which can be minimized.

Routes are as diverse as the roads traveled to make those deliveries:

  1. Courier – FedEx & UPS

  2. Food Delivery

  3. ATM Machines

  4. Vending

  5. Personal Services

Types of Routes:

There are two main types of routes, which are protected and independent routes. You can have a protected route or protected stops.

Protected Route:

A protected route will ensure that no one else enters a geographic area assigned to another. A protected stop, however, only guarantees specific locations, rather than an area. In this instance, several route owners can have accounts in the same geographic region.

Independent route:

An independent route provides more flexibility, as the route can service more than one supplier. This allows for the ability to provide the best prices and product lines with more diversity. They come with an established book of business, but since there is no protection of areas, there is more competition. Independent routes are usually less expensive to purchase, allowing for a higher net, and there is less regulation on how to operate an independent route.


So If you have some money to invest and time to work, then a route business can be a fantastic investment. You’ll have the opportunity to earn a steady income while building the value of your accounts. This combination of circumstances can lead to a significant profit margin in time that you can pocket. If you’re a self-starter who enjoys interacting with people and providing a high-quality product to your community, then this could be the right position for you.