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Brigofamerica Leonardo CDL Develops Innovative Method To Help Drivers Get ELDT Certificate

Florida-based ELDT training provider, Brigofamerica Leonardo CDL, continues to help meet the deficit in the industry with its fast-paced methodology for getting an ELDT certificate

There was a shortage of about 80,000 truck drivers in 2021, according to a report by the American Trucking Associations (ATA). The organization also reported that the figures could reach an all-time high of 160,000 by 2030 if the situation is not nipped in the bud, stating that recruiting a million new drivers over the next decade remains the only solution. Consequently, Brigofamerica Leonardo CDL is looking to contribute to the cause of rescuing the industry and other dependent sectors through its ELDT training.

One of the major challenges that have continued to plague the growing truck driving market and probably the whole of the logistics industry is the deficit in drivers, with stats showing that more and more people are neglecting the profession for other jobs. Carriers have recently announced plans to increase their pay to entice more people to take up a career as truck drivers. However, getting the required license to become a truck driver in the United States can sometimes be a painstaking process depending on the resources available in terms of training. Therefore, Brigofamerica Leonardo CDL aims to change this narrative, a claim substantiated by the feats achieved in recent times.

Brigofamerica Leonardo CDL has grown in popularity over the years, as a provider of fast ELDT Training online. The company stands out from contemporaries for its signature methodology that helps persons looking to start a career in truck driving get their ELDT certificate in record time. The approved Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration provider offers ELDT Entry Level Online Training Courses Class A & B, providing students with the requisite resources to ace their assessment in record time and get CDL faster than their counterparts.

The reputation of Brigofamerica Leonardo CDL has grown tremendously in recent times, with the company seeing a huge demand for their program from different parts of the United States, a phenomenon attributed to the relatively short duration for their students to get certified as professional truck drivers.