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Boxabl as a Solution to Affordable Housing

With material inequalities on the rise, and a widespread dearth of resources as the world continues to reel from the worldwide pandemic, it’s no wonder that affordable housing has become such a scarcity. As it stands, many professionals and hard-working people are resigning themselves to the idea that they may never own a home of their own.

Numerous entrepreneurs have proposed solutions to this dilemma, though perhaps no proposition has been as audacious or as practicable as that of Boxabl, an architecture/technology startup launched in 2017.

Boxabl was founded on the premise that houses can be built in factories with the assembly line method famously employed by Henry Ford. The company’s founders have intensively studied the automobile industry to enable them to reach their goal of producing one house per minute. After a few years of adapting architectural conventions to the assembly line process, Boxabl has succeeded in their aim; their two factories now jointly produce one house per minute.

In terms of efficiency and affordability, Boxabl’s method is an immense improvement upon the way that houses are usually built. Far from being streamlined, the predominant mode of development is highly scattered: houses are often built one by one as isolated events. They are usually exposed to the elements throughout the construction process, subjecting them to numerous dangers. Also resulting from an exposure to the elements, construction time is often limited to only those days when weather permits.

Construction is perhaps the only major worldwide industry that has not implemented the assembly method in any serious capacity. It has previously been supposed that houses are too large and variable in their adornments to be produced in factories. Boxabl believes that this mode of thinking is complete folly, not to mention bad business.

The model that Boxabl is now mass-producing is the Casita, which at 375 square feet includes a fully-equipped kitchen and bath among other modern conveniences. The Casita can be unpacked in one hour, and is more resistant to bugs, water, mold, fire, wind and other forms of damage than most other housing options available today.

“Weather was a huge factor for us,” says company co-founder Galiano Tiramani. “A lot of work went into making sure that the Casita would be capable of withstanding the elements. We chose to use steel, concrete, and EPS foam, none of which biodegrade. The structurally laminated panels that we put into the walls, floor, and roof make them stronger than the average building.”

Casitas are also much more readily customizable in many respects: designed to function as Legos, individual sections of the Casita are easily detached and reattached so that the Casita owner can design their ideal floor plan. Thus, not only is the housing made more affordable; even substantial renovations can be made at no additional cost. Any renovation made to the Casita’s floorplan by rearranging its parts is easily reversible.

Despite the unusually speedy production of Casitas, Boxabl’s customers will not immediately receive their purchases, as the company’s customer waitlist is currently over 110,000 customers long. This extraordinarily long waitlist partially owes to Elon Musk’s recent reveal that he has purchased a 50,000 dollar home from the company.

As the company expands its manufacturing capacities to produce homes at greater rates, and to provide homes to a greater number of people, the affordable housing crisis will likely be diminished in its effects. Boxabl aims to redefine the eleven trillion dollar construction industry, and to become the world’s preeminent developer.

Galiano states. “Housing costs are ridiculously high, and stepping outside of the traditional ways of production is key to solving this. Boxabl, with its commitment to affordability, comfort, and ease, is the answer.”

About Boxabl:

Boxabl, a building construction technology startup with a valuation of over $3B, is the creator of the Casita, a tiny home that can be unpacked in only an hour. Resistant to bugs, water, mold, fire, and wind, it is redefining the future of sustainable living.

For more information on Boxabl and the Casita, please see www.boxabl.com. To invest or read the offering circular, please visit https://invest.boxabl.com/.

About Paolo Tiramani:

Paolo Tiramani is an American industrial designer and billionaire. He has provocative thoughts on technology and the future. Currently, Paolo is CEO and majority shareholder of Boxabl, the technology startup creating a comprehensive building system for the $13 trillion global construction industry. His work is manifold; he holds 155 patent filings, covering a diverse mix of inventions and intellectual property, including hardware, housewares, juvenile, sporting goods, medical, personal care, construction, and automotive.

About Galiano Tiramani:

Galiano Tiramani is a multimillionaire entrepreneur who has founded many successful startups: two of his notable exits were a cryptocurrency exchange/ATM network founded in 2012 and a large marijuana farming, hash oil production, wholesale distribution, and trap house facility, which was sold in 2019. Boxabl will be the 3rd startup to use his ability to get projects operational and generating revenue quickly.