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BOLD Precious Metals Presents Argor Heraeus Gold Bars as a Key to Financial Stability

Austin, Texas, United States, October 25, 2023 – In times of economic uncertainty, it is crucial to prioritize safeguarding one’s finances. Gold, especially in its physical form, remains a popular investment choice. The investment approach comes in different ways. You can either buy gold stocks or use retirement accounts. Another option is directly purchasing tangible metals like the renowned 1 oz gold bar from Argor Heraeus, a trusted name in the precious metals industry.

Owning a physical asset gives peace of mind due to tangibility. People also buy coins as some sort of physical asset. However, investing in bars comes with more benefits. Let’s get into it!

Importance of Financial Stability

The economy is always in fluctuating situations with factors like:

  1. The recent problems in the stock market and other traditional assets.
  2. Covid-19
  3. Rising prices
  4. Job cuts at big companies, especially in the tech industry.
  5. Bank collapse.

In such unpredictability, some investors prefer turning their money into gold. Not all investments indeed turn out as planned. You can choose gold to mix up their investment options for extra security. When you notice stocks are struggling, gold could go up or at least not lose its value as much. Having a mix of different investments lowers the severity of economic challenges. Argor Heraeus is a famous brand that produces investment-grade gold bars.

Why Choose Argor Heraeus Gold Bars

Each Argor Heraeus gold bar is an example of finesse and precision. The brand Argor Heraeus has an industry reputation for its gold bars due to these reasons:

I) Reputation and Trustworthiness

Argor SA started its journey in the 1960s in Mendrisio, Switzerland. It specializes in the refining of precious metals and industrial metals. In 1973, UBS Bank acquired the company. During the 1980s, it formed a partnership with Heraeus. It is a leading German industrial metals refinery. Today, Argor Heraeus stands out as one of the most prolific refineries for precious metals. This brand is now actively engaged in crafting bullion bars for various brands.

UBS Bank partnered with Argor-Heraeus for their manufacturing. This collaboration lasts to this day. The bank introduced gold and silver bullion bars to serve its customers. Similarly, Raiffeisen Bank launched its series of bullion bars in partnership with Argor-Heraeus.

Again, The Austrian Mint extended its offerings to include a range of bullion bars. It collaborated with Argor-Heraeus to introduce its line of bars. These bars incorporate the acclaimed Argor-Heraeus Kinebar technology. It features a laser-inscribed hologram of a Leipzeiger Horse on the Austrian Mint bars. In addition to producing bars for clients and partners, Argor Heraeus has a diverse range of bars under its brand name.

II) Purity

The LBMA requires a minimum refinery fineness of .995. However, Argor-Heraeus generally goes beyond this requirement. Each Argor Heraeus gold bar has a specified fineness of .9999/1000.

III) LBMA Certification

Each Argor Heraeus gold bar comes with LBMA Certification. The LBMA is a worldwide trade group. It represents the global market for gold and silver bars. It is based in London. However, it serves customers from around the world. Their clientele includes many central banks that keep gold, private investors, mining firms, producers, refiners, and manufacturers.

Getting certifications from LBMA for precious metals refiners and assayers is the best way to prove they follow global rules. It builds trust with investors and customers.

IV) Variety

The extensive Argor Heraeus gold bar collection is available in various sizes. It can range from 1 gram to 1 kilogram. Argor Heraeus also presents the multigram gold bars. These are designed to be easily divided into 1-gram increments. It serves as a form of emergency currency.

Argor Heraeus annually releases gold bars based on the Chinese Zodiac’s 12-year cycle. 2024 is the lunar year of the Dragon, symbolizing power, authority, and good fortune. The cycle comprises twelve animals: Rat, Ox, Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Goat, Monkey, Rooster, Dog, and Pig. Each of these animals represents a year according to the lunar calendar.

V) Security Features

Argor Heraeus Kinebar is famous for its proprietary laser technology. It has a hologram on it that is extremely difficult to duplicate. Depending on the brand of the bar, the hologram appears variably.

Argor-Heraeus is now focusing on better gold traceability by associating with Alitheon. They now use AI to create digital fingerprints for verifying the gold’s authenticity and origin.

Argor-Heraeus products also feature DNA markers, and they run through PCR tests for gold traceability from mines to refineries. Their ethical and sustainable practices include audits and blockchain technology for secure data exchange.

Adding Gold Bars Can Balance Your Portfolio

Gold can make your investments safer. It protects your money when prices go up a lot. In 2022, when prices rose, gold also went up by 0.4%. But stocks, like the S&P 500, fell by almost 20%. Gold can also be better than bonds when interest rates go up. In 2022, gold did better than bonds. Gold prices rose 0.4%, but the Morningstar U.S. Core Bond Index fell by 12.9%. Diversifying your portfolio means you spread your money out. It makes it safer and sometimes gives you more money in the long run.

But it is also important not to put all your money in gold. You can put a small portion of it, say 5-10%, for diversification.

Apart from buying physical gold, you can invest in the metal in other two ways:

  1. Gold ETFs: Like buying stocks, but they represent gold.
  2. Precious Metals Companies: Buying stock in companies that work with gold can also give you exposure to gold.

Gold Bars vs. Coins

Both gold bars and coins are excellent for investment. However, you get more gold for the same price in bars than coins. It is because coins have higher making charges due to their detailing and face value.

On the other hand, while coins require more cautious storage, the bars, especially Gold Bullion bars, come with easy stackability. While coins come in a manageable size, bars also come in different sizes, from small to large.

If you want to invest in 1 kg of gold, you can easily buy one Argor gold bar, but in the case of coins, you need to make multiple purchases. However, while coins have some aesthetic qualities, all bars may not have unique finishes and designs. But It depends entirely on your preference for bars or coins!


Ultimately, Argor Heraeus gold bars are a safe buy. Due to their standing for superior quality and reliability in the precious metals industry, these gold bars provide a tangible asset and economic security. In the ever-changing financial landscape, Argor Heraeus gold bars show the enduring value of precious metals and help build a secure financial future.

To buy an Argor Heraeus gold bar, visit BOLD Precious Metals. Each bar will come in a secure blister package with an assay card and a unique serial number. Visit now!


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