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Body Adore Health LLC Introduces V-Love Period Belt Helping Women Suffering from Period Cramps To Decrease the Use of Pain Pills

The V-Love Period Belt is introduced to help women get instant relief from period cramps.

Although several medications have been introduced, dysmenorrhea is the leading problem of every one in eight women, experiencing debilitating, aching cramps in the lower abdomen. Cramping can be mild to severe and can occur right before or during that time of the month. Those suffering from this condition report an immediate negative impact of menstruation on their quality of life.

Being known for its Yoni health products, Body Adore Health LLC is becoming one of the leading Feminine Holistic Brands. Now they’ve introduced a revolutionary product called the V-Love Period Belt to help women with period cramps relief.

The company has gained solid credibility from loyal customers raving on the effectiveness of the device, that provides relief from period pain, helping suffering women to never to miss work, school nor special events again because of their menses.

Period pain and premenstrual syndrome (PMS) causes pelvic and lower back pain, nausea, upset stomach, headaches, mood swings and anxiety. According to recent research by doctors, the pain is equal to or worse than a heart attack in which women all over social media commented “at last, the world finally knows our pain!”

Research and studies have shown that heat is more effective than popping pain pills at reducing cramps and relaxing the muscles contributing to the throbbing pain; therefore, applying heat and massage to the abdomen or back has proven to be beneficial.

With all these factors in mind, the company has developed the V-Love Period Belt with the “Wrap, Snap & Go” method, simply wrap and snap the device around the lower abdomen, double tap on and feel relieved in minutes as ladies can go on with their busy day.

Since heating pads for cramps serve huge benefits in eliminating menstrual pain, the company has launched the V-Love Period Belt with simultaneous heat and massage features that help reduce pain, bloating, tension, and cramps. In addition to easing pain, the heat and massage therapy relaxes the body from stress, which helps boost mood and ward off anxiety.

“We suffer in silence with severe pain, and we miss school, work, and events with our friends, and daily activities with our families & our men bound to our beds for days EVERY single month – taking dozens of pain pills. We are so confident our “EVE” Period Belt will effectively reduce painful cramps that we guarantee you will love it or your money back. V-LOVE PERIOD BELT works by simply wrapping, snapping, touching & GO. She allows us to live life while on our periods without feeling the PMS or period blues. Your Next Period Should Be a Happy Period,” says the owner.

The primary purpose of V-Love Period Belts is to end the confinement of 80 million suffering women in bed in the fetal position all day due to severe cramps that prevent them from working or attending school as 1 in 7 women must stop life due to period cramps.

Additionally, apart from being super comfy and convenient characteristics, the V-Love Period Belt works in seconds providing instant heat and massage for fast relief in a matter of minutes without the use pills.

Moreover, the belt’s built-in heating and massage feature relaxes the feminine area and boosts blood circulation to soothe the flow. The pain-relieving product is made using high-quality and light-weight material and its soft velvet cushion makes it comfortable to wear on-the-go for hours.

As the belt can be worn discreetly under clothes, it is the cherry on top for most women. The heating pads do not require re-filling of hot water, making it an ideal belt for busy women. The pain-relieving belts have allowed women to carry out their day-to-day activities rather than being stuck in a fetal position for days at the start of their menstrual cycle. Furthermore, besides being made using durable and comfortable material, the company offers these belts at affordable costs without compromising on the quality.

As recent studies suggested that heat and massage therapy can be related to reduce cramps, V-Love Period Belt is the GO-TO product as the perfect combination during that time of the month. The company maintains its quality standards while providing reliable and effective products that encourages a better quality of living especially for women who has enough hindrances in life. The owner states, “Feminine health should always be the primary focus as Us women run the world. Periods don’t stop the show!”

Additionally, since popping pills to get rid of period pain can be discouraging at times, the company recommends women use their V-Love Period Belt to relieve cramps in a holistic, more therapeutic approach while still moving and shaking in everyday life.

The V-Love Period Belt comes with a pink silk carry bag and since it’s rechargeable, and as a special gift, every purchase comes with a complementary portable charger to conveniently use anywhere and anytime. For more information about the product, click on the website https://myvlove.com.

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