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Bobcoin: Bob Eco’s 2nd Generation African Electric Motorcycles will all get delivery boxes

Bob Eco is dedicated to African partners that focus on delivering goods and services across the African continent. Therefore the electric Bob Eco announces the launch of its Bob delivery box. This smart delivery box is designed to preserve the quality and temperature of foods and drinks.

One of the main complaints now is that foods are arriving either too cold or too hot. The Bob delivery box solves this number one complaint. With this temperature-controlled transportation option, Bob guarantees better customer satisfaction and offers its delivery partners an opportunity to build trust and brand loyalty.

The delivery backpacks are made from high-quality material with excellent stitching to ensure they can survive the African climate. The Bob delivery bags have heavy-duty back straps and excellent back cushioning to comfort the Bob rider. A cooling or heating module can be applied to improve the results of the backpacks.

Bob Eco is an electric vehicle and clean energy company from Hong Kong, has various branches of clean energy operations, including solar energy (bobsolar), electric vehicle lease (bobfleet), electric vehicle rental (bobrental) and its blockchain and technology operations (Bobx).

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