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Blue World City Awami Residence complex


Blue World City Awami Residential Complex is the first affordable, low-cost residential block. It’s an effort to increase the luxurious lifestyle of residents at a reasonable price within Blue World City.

All apartments in this attractive residential project are perfectly located. For instance, studio apartments, single-bedroom apartments, two-bedroom units, duplex villas, and single-bedroom apartments are among the different housing designs available in this economical project.

Awami Residential Complex is a project developed by the BGC-IGC consortium that believes in the balance between the public and private sectors. Thus, this building can be a viable option to solve Pakistan’s housing shortage by providing a cost-effective and luxurious lifestyle for the community at the cheapest cost.

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Awami Residential Complex Owners & Developers

The Awami Residential Complex is developed by Blue Group of Companies (BGC) and Imperium Group of Companies (IGC) in Lahore and Islamabad.

BGC was founded in 1989. At first, they offered design and construction services. The founder, Mr. Saad Nazir, the founder of BGC has steered BGC in the proper direction. In the last few years, he’s transformed the business into an array of companies which include:

  • WPZ
  • Blue Bricks
  • Blue Palms
  • Mart Blue
  • Blue Media
  • Art immix
  • Brands Square
  • Blue Properties

Imperium Group of Companies was founded in 1999 and has since grown to become an industry leader among construction and real estate companies around the world. It’s becoming more known in Pakistan due to its impressive accomplishments and commitment to its business. The international real estate development company is made up of professionals from both countries.

NOC of Awami Residential Complex

Every society can benefit greatly by receiving its No Objection Certificate (NOC). Getting NOC approval can be a lengthy and complicated process, with numerous steps to be completed.

However, it is important to note that the Awami Residential Complex is another Blue World City Islamabad residential block. This is why The RDA (Rawalpindi Development Authority) granted the NOC to ARC under the letter number. 532/10/DC.

Awami Residential Complex Payment Plan

Location of Blue World City Awami Residential Complex

Blue World City has a fantastic location close to The New Islamabad International Airport and Main Chakri Road.  Awami Residential Complex Islamabad is a secure and well-equipped community equipped with the latest amenities and services needed to create a pleasant residential environment.

Furthermore, it is an ideal location in the middle of Blue World City, featuring the most luxurious and well-priced residences.

Nearby Places and Landmarks

Awami Residential Complex Blue World City Islamabad is situated near many significant places and landmarks listed below:

  • Islamabad International Airport
  • Mivida City Islamabad
  • Nova City Islamabad
  • Main Chakri Road
  • Capital Smart City
  • Chakri Toll Plaza
  • Green Oak Farms
  • M-2 Motorway
  • Qurtaba City
  • Top City-1

Master Plan Blue World City Awami Residence Complex

Awami Residential Complex, located in Blue World City Islamabad, has an excellent master plan designed by experts. It was also based on Urban Town Planning principles.

Additionally, Awami Residential Complex provides diverse types of apartments and residential plots. It is a well-constructed and well-planned housing development that offers low-cost living for those with low incomes. Awami Residential Complex offers 4.5 Marla residential plots.

Duplex Villas are offered in the Awami Residential Complex. Apart from that, the apartments available within this block that are offered in various sizes include:

  • Studio Apartments
  • One-bed Apartments
  • Two-bed Apartments

Blue World City Awami Residential Complex Features

Blue World City Awami Complex provides a variety of services at an affordable price for those with low incomes. The main features of the Awami Residential Complex include the following:

  • Prime Location
  • Simple installment plans
  • Luxurious apartments
  • Apartments for low-cost living
  • Legal and authorized housing units

Awami Residential Complex Facilities

To meet the demands of its residents, the community must build high-end amenities and infrastructure to enhance the standard of living for Pakistani residents. Awami Residential Complex Islamabad will surely be one of the best places for low-income citizens to live their dreams. It’s a fantastic attraction for all ages due to its more energetic plans and lavish amenities. The following are the facilities offered:

  • Water, Gas & Electricity
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 security
  • World-Class infrastructure
  • Underground Electricity
  • Hospitals
  • Waste disposable system

Reasons to Invest in Awami Residential Complex

Have you thought about why you should make the investment and secure your dreamland in the Awami Residential Complex? Awami Complex Blue World City is a fantastic place to relax and live a peaceful life.

Here are the reasons for investing in the Awami Residential Complex.

  • The NOC-approved residential complex
  • Affordable housing block for people with low incomes
  • A peaceful and sustainable environment
  • Flexible payment plan
  • Accessible from all important places in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Pros and Cons of Blue World City Awami Residence complex


  • Water, Gas & Electricity
  • Gated Community
  • 24/7 security
  • World-Class infrastructure
  • Prime Location
  • Simple installment plans
  • Luxurious apartments


  • Distinction from Capital City

How do you Book your Plot at Awami Residential Complex?

It is possible to reserve your plot by filling out the application form and attaching the following documents:

  • Copy of your CNIC
  • CNIC Copy of the person you want to nominate
  • Two photos in passport size


Q1. What do you mean by Awami Residential Complex Blue World City?

Answer. Awami Residential Complex is Pakistan’s first luxury low-cost housing project located in Islamabad.

Q2. Where specifically can you find Awami Residential Complex?

Answer. Awami Residential Complex is located in an ideal location near the Main Chakri Road and New Islamabad International Airport.

Q3. Who owns Awami Residential Complex?

Answer. This revolutionary housing complex was developed by the BGC/IGC consortium. Saad Nazir is the owner of this remarkable society.

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