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blackpods 2

If you are not much aware of the amazing technology which is known as blackpods 2. Then don’t worry we will briefly tell you.

The stylish, current, and effective blackpods 2 is the best invention of this century. blackpods 2 was the most long-awaited technology ever. They weren’t only simple wireless headphones; they were a technological epidemic. Those wonderful dangling earphones are the greatest wireless headphones on the market right now.

To use the black pods with your iPhone, simply plug them into your ear. They are quite easy to carry and use. When you are through listening, simply remove them, and they will shut off on their own. Is it not valuable to you?

This most splitting technology has changed the entire headphone industry. Every company out there is competing with it to offer such excellent wireless headphones for such an affordable price.

Its earphones and dark black case make it nicer and much more attractive. Dental floss is mentioned in the case, although not in a unique way. Three built-in batteries are still present: one in the casing and two in the earbuds.

You can simply place your earbud back inside the box to recharge it if it runs out of juice. This cover may very well be charged using either an extra cable or the charging connection from your iPhone.

The button on the back of the casing starts Bluetooth pair mode. But what defines it is the hooks in the lid that hold that together. The earbuds are held in place by two extra magnets that extend from the interior of the casing, preventing them from falling out when the case is open.


Blackpods 2 have the highest materials and production quality. These are made of silicone, they feel good in the hand. They are strong while remaining light enough to slip inside your pockets. Its style is exceptional. There is a long arm underneath the portion with the earbuds. To support the battery and other components of the smartphone, they are thick.

The pods depend on their plastic composition, which is available in various sizes, to stay put in your ears. All of the ears we tested the blackpods 2 in had a good fit. The blackpods 2 didn’t come down out when someone twisted their head.

The benefit of black pods is that they don’t harm your ears even after extended listening. Earbuds can either be used together or separately.

It boasts the best technology currently available in a headset; it starts working immediately after you insert them into your ears and stops working immediately after you take them out.

Sound quality;

They not only look beautiful and feel comfortable, but they also have amazing sound quality. The period of thin and little sound is over. listening to music with excellent sound quality that doesn’t affect the mid-range or notes. It implies that the sound has a pulse to it, whether you’re trying to rest or get charged up.

Black Pods don’t use remote controls, in contrast to other headphones on the market. Instead, you will use Siri to adjust the volume and change the music. Additionally, you may control other vocal style systems. During our testing, we were able to use Siri to place calls and use an auto dial.

You won’t again feel the need to take your phone out of your pocket again. Voice control has made it simple for you. And the cause of it all is a little chip that is storing away inside the buds.

Charging case

The earbuds can be continuously charging inside the case, giving you a total of two hours of use. The battery is exceedingly long. The case may be charged using an iPhone charging cord. An LED signal indicates whether the case is charging.

Both charging your earbuds and keeping them after each use to prevent loss are accomplishing by the case. The case is slim, small, and easily fits in your pocket. You may start pairing and connecting by simply opening the lead adjacent to the iOS device. It is that simple.

There is only one button used to pair Bluetooth devices under the enclosure. Use this to pair with non-Apple devices. Simply press the button to couple them; they perform virtually identically.

Every wireless headset should work in this simple, rapid manner.

Power supply.

Although the earphones’ lengthy stem that protrudes from the bottom may seem weighty, the battery life is really good. because the battery is in the ends.

A single charge of the Black Pods earphones provides a 5-hour battery life. But making a phone call causes the battery to deplete more quickly. The 5-hour battery claim proved true in our test. The charging case is a well-made item. You charge it by using the lighting port on it. Once fully charged, it can charge your earbuds more than four times.

An LED indicator on the casing that changes from green to red to indicate the charging state. You can also lift the lid right next to your smartphone to check the batteries in the case and earbuds.

Sound Level;

They sound surprisingly good when compared to our concerns about how they fit, feel and manufacture. It simply cut through the mid range and upper tones of the music flawlessly. Sound is dynamic and rhythmic. It satisfies you whether you want to relax or get pumped up.

Few individuals can sometimes not be heard at once. Black pods 2 provides a great listening experience despite this.


blackpods 2 is compatible with all versions of the iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone X, and iPhone 11. But they do not function with the iPhone 2, 3, or 4 s. All iPad Pro devices, the iPad mini, subsequent iterations, the iPad Air, and the fifth-generation iPad are all compatible with blackpods 2.

Additionally, they work with the 4th-generation Apple TV, 4 K Apple TV, and 6th-generation iPod.

All Smartwatch models work with black pods.

Connecting to Android.

An Android device requires a little bit more work to connect to. To connect, remove the lid from the area near the device, press down the Bluetooth connection button there, and choose the device from the Bluetooth settings. Yes, that is not at all a big deal. The performance is impressive once it is connecting, though.

Final Verdict.

There are many features of the blackpods 2 that we liked. Superb battery life and quick charging easily defeat the competition. The fact that they pair up quickly and have amazing sound quality is their best feature.

By using voice recognition software, you are pressing buttons. To use Siri, just double-tap the bud. Simply ask to have the song or volume changed.

They are better , last longer, and have a longer battery life than other wireless headphones you might buy, making them suitable for all-day use. They work well with both Apple and non-Apple devices.


  • Are blackpods good?

The sound quality is excellent, and I can honestly say that both blackpods connected in a few seconds. I’m using them right now as I type with some music in the background. There is only the price difference between the touch capability and that of i Pods, which is just as good.

  • How long do blackpods 2 take to charge?

More than 24 hours of listening time or 18 hours of speaking time can be acquiring using the Blackpods charging case. With just a 15-minute charge, a quick charge feature may also provide you 3 hours of listening time.

  • Is blackpods 2 noise-cancelling?

The blackpods do keep it down when inserted. The Bluetooth options, however, display the same options as the genuine air pods.  Noise Cancellation, Off, and Visibility indication of sound insulation. That is false. Additionally, there are no transparency or noise-cancelling settings.

  • Is blackpods 2 water resistant?

Active noise cancellation, transparency mode, positional audio, flexible fit, sweat- and water-repellent. But blackpods 2 are not waterproofing.