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Bitrix24 Explores CRM Software for Small Businesses

Alexandria, Virginia, United States, August 31, 2023 At a certain stage of business development, some aspiring entrepreneurs find themselves in a dead end. The thing is that Excel tables and accounting journals are no longer enough to work with clients. Moreover, these tools may not be effective at all from the very beginning of the business. The only way out for small businesses is a good CRM software that will allow you to properly streamline interaction with customers.

What Are CRM Tools?

A CRM system implies a useful program for recording transactions and monitoring customer interactions. This tool assists businessmen in collecting statistics on sales, actions of customers and employees, as well as analyzing the necessary data. What is more, free online CRM programs provide lucrative opportunities for organizing teamwork, including using internal chats and a notification system.

Why Do Small Businesses Need CRM Services?

Small businesses are switching to CRM systems free as such services allow them:

  • to maintain a client base;
  • to monitor the work of managers;
  • to track analytics, online sales and the like.

In 2023, the best CRM tools for small businesses are not just simple structures that drive sales and streamline work chaos. The most effective USA programs automate the business, namely they develop its marketing, financial issues and all that jazz. What matters here is that such programs differ in functionality, tools, design, and price. The free CRMs are a great opportunity to try out the program without investing any money.

Effective and Free CRM Programs

In this section, we will look at how to choose a free CRM for a small business as well as which CRM features are essential.


This CRM system implies a distinguished corporate tool that covers almost everything. Here, you can find the practical functionality of useful social networks, valuable projects, important tasks, and personnel management. The following options are available to you in the free version of the program:

  • convenient task scheduling;
  • checklist with subtasks;
  • different modes of task visualization;
  • focus on the important and so on.

The service allows businessmen to conduct all work with the team and clients on one site. Simply put, there is no need to be distracted by correspondence in third-party services, just discuss business in the built-in messenger.


This option is extremely popular all over the world, including the US. The free version of CRM supports up to three users and includes a decent set of tools for customer communications and sales. Among them are the following aspects:

  • flexible management of contacts, leads, and deals;
  • effective control over the implementation of tasks;
  • simple addition of events;
  • thoughtful multi-channel marketing;
  • quick integrations with other company applications and much more.

It is worth noting that the use of the program involves the automation of workflows, customization options, as well as applications for Android, iOS, and iPadOS.


It is Zoho’s base product and is ideal for small businesses. This service has everything you need to optimize customer relationships, including dashboards with company data and management of transactions and delivery of orders. The service gradually provides onboarding and customer support. Explore the benefits of the service:

  • availability of tools for collecting feedback and a task manager;
  • plenty of templates;
  • an easy to learn platform;
  • built-in telephony.

Besides, in free CRM, you can create one sales funnel of 500 records. However, workflow automation is not provided in the free version.


This program is usually used as a task manager. Nevertheless, it can be customized and turned into a trustworthy CRM system. To do this, you need to create a board and columns with the stages of the sales funnel. Then just add contacts in the form of cards and specify information about the client in the description. In this resource, you can use:

  • efficacious automation tools;
  • kanban boards for displaying tasks by stages;
  • integration with other services;
  • cards with fields for descriptions, checklists, and attachments;
  • various templates and detailed work guides;
  • a calendar.

The program offers the ability to use other Atlassian products when working on projects. Users of the system also note the simplicity of the interface.

Bottom Line

Without any doubt, a small business differs from large enterprises in limited resources. Accordingly, it is essential to implement free management systems even in small firms. This will allow entrepreneurs to effectively use the time of employees and not lose customers.



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