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Bike Ambulance: Providing Accessibility to Health Services in India

Motorcycle ambulances are a kind of emergency vehicle which either conveys an independent paramedic or person on call for a patient, or is utilized with a trailer or sidecar for transport patients.

Ziqitza’s bike ambulances carry convenient first-aid administrations to individuals for quite a while. A large portion of the passing’s because of street traffic wounds happen outside the emergency clinic. In any case, the injury care framework in India is still in the early stage to give crisis prehospital medical care administrations. The crisis prehospital injury medical care administrations are for the most part restricted to the metropolitan regions in India.

The weighty traffic in metropolitan regions, unfavorable geology, chronic weakness foundation, and inaccessibility of talented human resource in the provincial regions limit the arrangement of prehospital injury care administrations in India by utilizing conventional vehicle rescue vehicles. The bicycle rescue vehicle administration and the specialist on call appears to complete one another to give prehospital crisis injury care administrations in each side of India arranging the limitations looked at via vehicle rescue vehicle administrations.

The bike ambulance vehicle administration has been begun in a couple of urban communities across a couple of states/association domains in India, yet it has quite far to go. Deficient public financing, absence of rules, and gifted labor force structure the jug neck in carrying out bicycle rescue vehicle administrations across India. The public authority can pursue the open door of the administrations of huge organizations of nongovernmental associations (NGO), self-improvement gatherings, youth clubs, and other social associations to make this drive an excellent answer for giving ideal prehospital crisis injury care administrations.

A 24×7 specialist at the call place offers guidance to the specialist on call on the best way to treat the patient. The paramedics on bicycles are positioned at what are called areas of interest, to rush inside a span of 20 km right away. On the off chance that the patient should be taken to the emergency clinic, the paramedic requires a four-wheeled rescue vehicle with directions on the sort of cot that would be expected for the patient.

Karimal Haque is a 53-year-old tea estate worker who is referred to as the ‘Bicycle Ambulance-Dada’ by individuals of Dhalabari Village in Jalpaiguri region of West Bengal. He isn’t simply the deliverer of his town, however others are.

There have been examples where clinical offices couldn’t arrive on time and a deferral in clinical help wound up making what is going on more basic.

The bike ambulance driver and the pillion rider are both prepared paramedics with driving licenses. They convey with them specific hardware clinical things from particular ambulance packs, glucometer, programmed outer defibrillator to stethoscope, beat oximeter, laryngoscope, nebulizer, different splinting, cardiac life support drugs and a scope of life saving tablets and infusions, IV liquids, wraps and needles.

However, the bike ambulances have a few restrictions. They can’t convey mass hardware, cots or take a patient to the clinic. “Yet, the pillion rider conveys a smaller oxygen chamber in his backpack.

As indicated by group at Ziqitza Healthcare, the bicycles, likewise alluded to as specialist on call vehicles, incorporate a convenient oxygen chamber, a medical aid unit and dressing materials, air-supports, foldable exchange sheets, ambo sacks, glucometer, beat oximeter, a compact manual pull machine and a specialized gadget.