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BidetMate’s New ‘1 Minute Bidet Quiz’ Helps People Choose the Right Bidet

Camas, Washington (August 26, 2022) – BidetMate, one of the leading suppliers of bidets, bidet seats, and bidet attachments in the United States, continues its mission to educate consumers and help people select the perfect bidet for their budget and needs. The latest initiative is a brand new “Bidet Quiz” that just launched on the company’s website (https://bidetmate.com/). 

As the website’s homepage reads, “It’s Time to Upgrade Your Seat and Save! Sit and save money plus the world with every use. Take the 1 minute bidet quiz for your bum’s perfect match.”

Customers who click the quiz are taken through a series of questions to help BidetMate determine the best suggestions. Questions include: Are you remodeling your bathroom? Are you looking for a new toilet or just a bidet attachment? Does anyone in your household have wide hips? What is more important to you, awesome features or affordable price? Do you want your bidet to dry your bum? Do you want to have more than one bidet for your home?

After answering questions, the BidetMate proprietary algorithm selects the best possible option for customers from the entire lineup of bidet seats and attachments. A recommendation is made and customers can review the specs, read reviews, and make a purchase if interested).

“The fact is, most Americans don’t know much about bidets. They might have seen them while traveling abroad, but it’s not something they necessarily feel comfortable enough to purchase themselves,” says INSERT NAME, TITLE @ BIDETMATE. “Our aim with this quiz is to make it easy for people to find the right product for their home”

BidetMate sells a variety of bidet options, with the most common being the 700 Series (economy option starting at $229.99), the 1000 Series (family favorite starting at $329.99), the 2000 Series (luxury design starting at $399.99), and the 6000 Series (smart technology starting at $1,499.99).

Bidets, while the predominant option for personal hygiene in many areas of the world, are a foreign idea to many Americans who are accustomed to relying on toilet paper in the bathroom. And in many ways, bidets have faced a stigma in the United States. But there’s ample evidence to suggest bidets are a better choice.

Evan Goldstein, DO, a rectal surgeon and founder of Bespoke Surgical in New York City, says bidets provide a superior clean and offer more comfort than standard toilet paper (https://www.nbcnews.com/select/shopping/best-bidet-toilet-seat-how-use-bidets-ncna1175226). They’re especially beneficial for individuals with physical disabilities and for those who are aging. But the health, hygiene, and eco-friendliness of bidets are really the biggest benefits.  

Bidets have been extremely popular in other areas of the world for centuries – particularly throughout Europe – but the recent pandemic has given rise to wider bidet adoption within the United States. Toilet paper shortages of 2020 compelled many people to opt for bidets, and many of those consumers have never gone back.

While you can purchase a standalone bidet that looks similar to a toilet, most bidets in the United States are sold as attachments or seats that affix to an existing toilet. They include a device that sprays water. This helps rinse of fecal matter and germs. Afterward, the user can dry themselves using an integrated drying feature (if available) or a small amount of toilet paper.

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