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Best Study Guides for Microsoft 77-428 Exam

Using study guides when revising for certification exams such as the Microsoft 77-428 test is a great strategy. The quantity of knowledge you need to absorb before taking the evaluation may make you feel overburdened. However, with study guides, you can avoid stress by learning what the exam entails and ensuring you don’t miss any important information during your preparation. But what does the exam cover? Let’s find out about it first.

What Does the Microsoft 77-428 Exam Comprise?

The Microsoft 77-428 test is also called ‘Microsoft Excel 2013 Expert Part Two’. It requires candidates to have an expert-level awareness of the Excel environment. The applicants should be able to instruct others on how they can utilize the functionalities of Office Professional Plus Excel 2013. Moreover, familiarity with the complex and specialized functions of the applications and how they can be used is needed.

Anyone intending to attempt the 77-428 evaluation must be proficient in developing, maintaining, and disseminating expert spreadsheets for varied uses. They should also be aware of how to modify their Excel surrounding to suit business needs and boost productivity. Accountants, commercial bankers, data analysts, and financial analysts are some of the professionals who may be interested in taking the test.

You’ll need to pay $100 to register for the 77-428 evaluation. The exam carries 40-60 questions that should be answered by the test-takers within 50 minutes. If your scores start from 700 marks, you’ll be eligible for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Excel 2013 Expert accreditation. The 77-428 assessment is also a part of the requirements for the Microsoft Office Specialist 2013 Master accreditation.

Which Study Guides Are Best for Revising the Microsoft 77-428 Exam?

Books enable learners to focus solely on the information that’s most likely to be tested. Here are study guides to prepare and pass the 77-428 exam:

  • MOS 2013 Study Guide for Microsoft Excel Expert: Exams 77-427 & 77-428 (MOS Study Guide

Written by Mark Dodge, this comprehensive manual includes a number of features to aid you in your preparation for the 77-428 exam. It fully covers the evaluation’s subjects and contains simple instructions and examples. The book also offers the readers exercises enabling them to put what they have been learning into practice.

  • The Intermediate Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013

This amazing resource authored by Elizabeth Ann Nofs and Clair Dickson helps you learn how to use Microsoft Excel 2013 to generate, format, as well as secure creative and professional documents. You’ll learn how to fix problems with formulas and data, modify text formulas, create, utilize, and troubleshoot Named Ranges, create and utilize Lookup Tables, and more.

  • The Advanced Guide to Microsoft Excel 2013

This book written by Elizabeth Ann Nofs and Clair Dickson provides vital material for the 77-428 exam preparation. It allows you to develop and verify advanced computer skills in Excel 2013. You’ll learn about fundamental to more advanced topics, comprising how to apply number formats, link worksheets, format fonts, and construct PivotTables, among other things.

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Study books have been prepared by subject experts to help learners develop a good understanding of matters covered in the certification test. Ensure to utilize the aforementioned Microsoft 77-428 exam study guides to increase your chances of passing the test on your first try. After using these resources, you’ll be ready to tackle your evaluation without worries and obtain your accreditation. Good luck!