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Best Site Search Plugin For Ecommerce

Site search plugins exist in E-commerce to help visitors find what they are searching for. It is software that has a built-in code to enable a search engine fill itself with the latest features.

When customers or potential buyers are shown their exact needs instead of no results or random results, they would be more interested to navigate. And that navigation often ends up in a purchase. This, in turn, also increases the ROI, and shows that the customer’s time is valued. More so if you have a large site, or you are an E-commerce store dealing with a lot of categories. Site plugins work better than regular search boxes as they come with filters, personal recommendations based on previous purchases, analytics, and UI which is intuitive for managing multi-language support as well as the catalog.

Why is the Site Search Plugin Gaining Momentum?

Regular search boxes need manual typing which is not intuitive, as well as time-consuming. That is why for stores with large product inventory, the site search plugin is the way forward. They add so many features to the site, like autocorrect, voice search, multilingual search, etc. to the site to make it better.

Now that you know why the site search plugin is so important, let’s look at some of the best site search plugins for E-commerce sites.

  1. Expertrec

Hailed by many experts as one of the best custom search engines, Expertrec helps enhance the purchase from digital stores for the buyer. How so?

  • The search engine used is extremely fast, is compatible with any platform, and has real-time indexing.
  • Helps build a site with experience and an interface that is well defined.
  • A memorable user journey is offered via easy setups and swift search results.
  • Personalized experiences are provided to buyers with previous purchase analytics.
  • Personalized experiences help in higher conversion rates.

Exprectrec’s key features:

Speed – Expertrec helps loading of search results in a few milliseconds which helps in enabling smooth and fast search results.

Spell checking- Worried that customers won’t find their products because of erroneous spellings? Expertrec still shows the customers what they are searching for with the help of the spell checker.

Filters- Expertrec has filters and facets helping the buyers in sorting out products by price range, style, color, size, and whatnot.

Merchandising and Language Support- 

Expertrec provides changing the website’s look by advancing filters in search engines with drag and drop options. You can also change the search relevance.

If you plan on attracting clients across multiple regions, Expertrec supports over 30 languages.

Cost – There is a free trial period of two weeks. You can then proceed with a $49/ month plan.

  1. SearchSpring
  • Provides an enhancing shopping experience with an amazing search system.
  • Lets shoppers easily search for what they are looking for.
  • Provides better control over E-commerce sites.
  • Helps to increase cart size easily, helping in boosting conversions.
  • Can retain customers with personalization and search merchandising.

Key Features of Searchspring:

High Performance in Simple Measures- This helps in delivering simple site solutions that drive sales.

Personalization With a Recommendation- 

Provides a precise recommendation that makes the consumer feel that the website is catering to their individual needs through every step. Real behavioral interaction and recommendation will provide a personal touch rather than random values.

Pro Merchandising on Site- 

To draw in consumers, you can design the homepage as you like, like changing the display, intuitively arranging products, and more.

Insight Along With Reports- 

Search spring acts as a personal interpreter for the site, helping in making decisions based on buyer interactions to increase the conversion rate.

Cost- You can request a demo to see the costing of SearchSpring.

  1. Swiftype
  • Effortless search pluginfor use
  • Simple, easy, and no complex learning curve.
  • Helped thousands of businesses around the world with boosting shopper experiences.
  • Provides highly relevant search results.

Key Features of Swiftype:

Refining Search –

Swiftype allows visitors and potential buyers on-site to sort or search items according to date, content, author, location, material, and more.

Quick Autocompletion –

As soon as visitors start typing, it starts showing relevant results by letters, guiding the users to the products of their relevance.

Security and Privacy- 

Swiftype emphasizes on data protection and saving data from being leaked, using security complying with SOC2, and stringent data security policy.

Power-packed Tools- 

It has cloud-based technologies, simple implementing tools, content sync, ML tools that are best in class, and powerful analytics to help in site enhancement.

  1. Constructor.io
  • Has a powerful search functionality, driving personalized experiences.
  • Helps visitors in search results which they were looking for.
  • Site search accuracy helps in boosting business KPI.
  • Uses leverage of each consumer interaction on site to show the products in relevance.
  • Automation of optimization of every search result to get KPIs of choice.

Key features of Constructor.io:

Easy to Use User-Interface-  

This helps in hassle-free management of the whole site in general. Along with it, this provides enhanced search results for onsite users.

Personalization in Real-Time- 

Has a powerful AI helping in understanding the positive effects of personalization in the algorithm of the search results.

More Features:

Constructor.io also provides-

  • Multilingual support for attracting various customers across regions.
  • A simpler, and more effective user interface makes for greater uptime.
  • Has a voice search for the disabled, and more.
  1. Algolia
  • Has seamless product access to visitors with help of AI.

Key Features:

Strong API- Processing 1.5T requests, annual requests for nearly 11 thousand users around the globe with the help of APIs that are robust and scalable.

Availability – Availability of 99.9℅ uptime on selected plans helps the users find the site, and search for what they need.

Security- Provides reliable as well as compliant security with GDPR and SOC3.

Multicultural- It helps industries across cultures like Saas, marketplace, media, and workplaces.

The Takeaway

Apart from the ones discussed above, there are sites like Prefixbox, AddSearch, and more for you to check and choose for your site as a plugin. Choose the one with the best experience that you are looking for aligning with your site ethics and goals.

Using a powerful site plugin helps your E-commerce site to offer pleasant customizable buyer experiences. It helps to understand and make your buyers feel valued, and looked after on-site with natural language processing and AI in the competitive digital world.