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Best music streaming sites to try in 2023

Are you searching for the leading music streaming sites? If you’ve considered Spotify as the sole music streaming site, you are wrong! Thousands of sites are available nowadays, as those days are long gone when our devices are loaded with MP3 music collections.

The gradual rise of music streaming services allows podcasts and music highly accessible and convenient than before. Moreover, these sites have several things to offer! It allows users to groove to thousands of songs quickly without any hassle.

So, are you wondering which music streaming sites to try in the New Year? Cost and connectivity are top considerations while shopping for streaming services. Without delay, let’s explore the 5 best music streaming sites!

  1. Qobuz

This brand-new music streaming site is the best for audiophiles offering hi-res audio streams. Unlike Tidal, you don’t require a hardware MQA decoder to listen to songs on Qobuz. The songs on this streaming site can sound top-notch on every high-end music system or an Android phone. Hence, it’s flexible!

You may not get the Dolby Atmos music features, but you will get a wide collection of immersive pieces of music. It provides two plans: a $180 annual Sublime Plus and a $130 hi-res studio premier. However, it’s important to look at the leading internet providers before choosing the right music streaming site.

  1. SoundCloud

It’s a kind of unexplored music streaming site, which is a gem in disguise. The best thing about this platform is it’s free to use! You can discover distinct music genres from new to oldest artists here. Furthermore, you will get quick access to several community playlists to find one you prefer. This streaming platform allows you to stream songs for free on its site even when you don’t create an account.

  1. Deezer

It’s the most considerable and top-notch music streaming site as it features tailored playlists from acknowledged artists, customized recommendations, and a stunning discovery experience via its Related Tracks feature. If you’re unsure what to listen to after a song, all you need to do is hit the “Related Tracks.” It’s located at an album’s bottom, which allows Deezer’s algorithm to do most of the work.

  1. Apple Music

The tech juggernaut’s streaming platform is called Apple Music. You won’t discover anything here with its vast collection of over 90 million songs, music videos, and exclusives. Whether through suggestions, specially crafted playlists, or its round-the-clock virtual radio channels, Apple Music is meant to assist you in discovering new songs and musicians.

  1. Amazon Music Unlimited

As a component of a Prime subscription, Amazon Prime Music is “free,” but consumers can pay for Music Unlimited. The step-up now offers the basic HD service for $8 for Prime members or $10 if you don’t have Prime membership, in addition to an extended repertoire.

You can now listen to more than 1,000 “dimensional” remixes and thousands of uncompressed music with Music Unlimited, which is available on Android, iOS, the Amazon Echo Studio, and Dolby Atmos soundbars.

  1. iHeartRadio

The list of the top music streaming sites includes iHeartRadio, free. It’s excellent for streaming radio music but significantly restricts your ability to play specific songs. Additionally, it includes a number of regional broadcast stations in its free version.

iHeart is a great option if you intend to stream arbitrary music in your web browser. In addition, you have a lot of options for radio channels based on your preferences. The website also provides tailored radio choices for targeted music streaming.

These are the top 6 music streaming sites to try in 2023, as they provide uninterrupted music services anytime and anywhere.