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Best Internet Connection for Online Gaming

Whether you need internet for carrying out professional work or learning remotely, the speed and quality of your connection play a crucial role. While you may need minimal speeds for your everyday online tasks, some activities require you to have a stable internet connection with fast speeds. Similarly, online gaming is one of the most speed-intensive tasks that can’t be performed if your internet connection quality is not up to the mark! So, if you are looking for the best internet connection that works well for online gaming, then keep reading this article to find out!

Before searching for a good internet connection, it is essential to know what exactly influences the quality of your internet connection. So, let’s dive into all the factors that can make or break your gameplay:

Primary Factors That Influence Online Gaming

Various factors make up your internet connection quality, but the two main indicators of high-quality internet service are latency and jitter. The term ‘latency’ refers to the time it takes for an internet signal to travel from one device to another. It is measured in milliseconds. On the other hand, the term ‘jitter’ is used to determine the consistency of latency you get. For a smooth gaming experience, you need to have little to no latency and your jitter should be under 30 ms. If you are searching for an internet connection that offers minimal latency and jitter, then you should go for a cable or a fiber internet connection, preferably a good internet plan from MetroNet.

Other Factors to Consider Before Choosing an Internet Connection for Gaming

Before diving into the internet requirements for gaming, here are some of the other factors that determine the quality of your internet connection:

Data Caps

Gaming requires an adequate amount of data that is neither too high nor too low. For example, if you are playing FIFA 14, it may require 26.7 MB per hour. So, if your gameplay continues for 8 hours per day for 1 month, then you need to have up to 7.08 GB of data. Similarly, playing Battlefield 4 requires as high as 66.88 MB of data per hour. This means that if your game lasts 8 hours every day, then you need to have data up to 16.08 GB per month. On the other hand, streaming games on Twitch is just as high data-intensive activity, as it asks for 781.38 MB of data.

Since most fiber internet connections come with unlimited data allowances, it is known as the best connection type for playing online games. It can offer a high amount of data to its users for gaming without worrying about going above your monthly data caps. This can save you from paying an overage fee every time you end up exceeding your data limits set by your internet provider. Reach out to MetroNet customer service to find out the monthly data plan that works best for you.

Speeds and Network Technology

If you are using a mobile network, then your device’s network technology determines the speeds you will get. With a 4G network, you can make use of a high-speed internet connection, which is ideal for gaming. On the other hand, a 3G network may cover a larger area, but it delivers speeds that are lower than what you get with a 4G network. A GSM network offers the highest coverage, but there is a chance that it will transfer data at significantly lower speeds than the rest of the network technologies.

Frequency Band

Every internet connection type consists of a different infrastructure that plays a major role in providing the right speeds and signal strength to your device. Most wireless routers come with two different frequency bands: 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. If you want to cover a wider area, set your router on the 2.4 GHz band. However, if your gameplay asks for much higher speeds, irrespective of the size of the area, then the 5 GHz band will deliver faster speeds that are ideal for gaming.

Choosing the Best Internet Connection for Gaming

Before you conclude your search for the right internet connection, you need to determine whether it fits your gaming needs or not. Make sure that your chosen internet service offers minimal latency and symmetrical speeds. This way, your upload speeds will be as fast as your download speeds, resulting in faster response rates as you send your commands to the gaming server.

With a fiber internet connection, you will get the fastest network speeds that will not disrupt by solid objects or obstructions placed between your device and your router. This enables a seamless connection that is suitable for playing single-player and multi-player games, regardless of your expertise level. The better speeds you have, the higher your chances of winning the game will be. So, instead of going for an Ethernet cable or a Wi-Fi hotspot, sign up for fiber internet plans that match your gaming requirements.