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Best Custom Tents And Canopies For Summer

When the summer sun is out and shining we all love to go outside and enjoy the fresh outdoor air. But we also need protection from the harmful UV radiations in sunlight and untimely showers. Under such circumstances the best protection we can think of is the custom tent. But how do you decide what’s the best custom canopy tent for you?

Don’t worry we are here to help you choose the canopy tent that suits your purpose the best.

Of our team of testers went ahead and tested a bunch of products available in the market and came up with a list of product suggestions for you. Needless to say, these are all brilliant products, built to last and feature-packed.

  1. The X5 Recreational Range from Extreme Canopy

So what makes this accessory so special? Let’s have a look.

ü  The canopy of this tent is made from PVC/PU coated polyester.

ü  This material is naturally waterproof and blocks UV radiations easily.

ü  It can also be made fire retardant.

ü  You can customise your tent with your favorite colours and graphic designs.

ü  This means your branded pop up tent can function as your brand pavilion in tradeshows and exhibitions.

ü  What’s more? The canopy comes with a full 1-year warranty.

ü  The frame is made of steel, making it durable enough to last for years on end. Hence, the 1-year warranty on the product.

ü  This purposeful accessory is available in a range of dimensions, with the standard dimensions being 10×10, 10×15 and 10×20 feet.

ü  Accessories available are sidewalls, weight plates and sandbags among other things. You also get a wheeled carry bag for easy transportation.  

  1. The X6 Velocity Range from Extreme Canopy

If you are looking for a more robust version of the X5, then this is it. It shares its attributes with the X5. But where it takes things to a level higher are –

ü  It has a robust aluminium frame, reinforced truss bars and molded connectors to lend your custom tent additional stability. Aluminium is naturally corrosion resistant, lending enhanced longevity to your tent.

ü   It is perfect for large promotional events like fundraisers, tradeshows, and exhibitions. You can create an impressive brand stand with the X6 canopy tent and win hearts in outdoor events.

  1. Pacific Breeze

ü  Effective for small groups looking to have some fun on the beach or in the outdoors.

ü  Extremely easy to install and incredibly light.

ü  Materials used to manufacture are polyester and fiberglass.

ü  Blocks most of the UV radiations in sunlight.

ü  It has built in sidewalls to protect you from moist drafts and ambient light on the beach.

ü  Comes with sandbags and stakes to keep the tent anchored to the ground, particularly in windy conditions.

ü  Available in limited color options.

  1. Coleman

ü  Effective for small groups and families.

ü  Incredibly easy to install, like the Pacific Breeze.

ü  Light enough to be packed and carried to places.

ü  Material used to manufacture is fiberglass.

ü  Does a decent job of blocking UV radiations.

ü  The front floor can be rolled up and zipped to provide privacy.

ü  Package comes with guy lines, tent stakes and sand bags to secure the tent on the beach sand.

ü  Available in limited color options.

  1. Kelty Sunshade

ü  This is another compact product excellent for use on the beach or for small parties.

ü  Its lightweight means it is extremely easy to install and carry.

ü  Materials used to manufacture are polyester and fiberglass.

ü  It does a respectable job in blocking UV radiations and moist winds.

ü  Its small footprint means that it can be pitched in tight spaces.

ü  Available in limited color options.

  1. Quest

ü  This full-blown 10×10 canopy tent is designed to give ample shade from the sun and the occasional showers.

ü  Its silver coated polyester canopy is good enough for blocking UV radiations and sporadic showers.

ü  This particular accessory has an alloy steel frame to lend rigidity to the structure.

ü   You can further secure the tent with guy ropes and tent stakes in mild windy conditions.

ü  Color options are aplenty – as many as 11.


There are lots to choose from, when it comes to buying the perfect branded canopy tent from the online market place. The key is to choose the right accessory is to go for one that has the potential to be cost-effective in the long run.

An accessory that is cheap upfront may not prove to be cost-effective at all. Constant issues with its various components can end up making you bleed money. The cost of a tent relies heavily on the materials used to manufacture it. So, it is vital to look into the specifications of a tent before you buy it. Choose tents that use quality materials only. Remember: your accessory needs to be cost-effective and not cheap.