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Best AVIF to PNG Converters: Online and Free

What is an AVIF Converter?

AVIF Converter refers to all programs and solutions that can convert AVIF files into other file types. AVIF is a brand-new, very effective file type that is based on the AV1 digital format.AVIF Converter supports HEIC, PNG, GIF, JPG, and WEBP. Controlling image resolution, file size, and quality are possible via the settings.

Why Convert AVIF to PNG?

When comparing graphics performance, AVIF files are ten times less than JPEG files. So people convert AVIF to PNG for more accessibility. Although the compression ratio is more prominent, it produces superior image quality. More websites are using AVIF images to speed up loading times. AVIF supports a wide Color Gamut and High Dynamic Range photos in addition to Standard Dynamic Range images. Images and digital images can both be stored in it.

Best AVIF to PNG Converters: Online and Free

1. AVIF2jpg

AVIF2jpg allows you to drag the AVIF file into the browser to open it. Not all standard and widely-used image viewers do. Although the majority of contemporary browsers already support the AVIF format, AVIF2jpg still makes the best.

If you have AVIF photographs that need to be converted from AVIF to PNG Converter, you might wish to use third-party software to convert them to JPG or PNG. Following the AVIF to JPG or PNG conversion, you can modify the image with photo editing software, open it in any Windows or Mac image viewer, and share the fully accessible images with others.

Key Features

  • Supported by the vast majority of web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and others.
  • Allows users to upload AVIF file and convert it to JPG or PNG formats.
  • The processing of photos in browsers is done using cutting-edge VUE and JS technologies.
  • One hundred percent free, and you don’t even have to submit anything to secure your picture data!
  • 100 percent safe and dependable.
  • Works best for batch AVIF to JPG conversion. The conversion speed is fast.

Avif2JPG handles all tasks associated with AVIF conversion. AVIF has much better compression rates than JPEG and WebP, which are older image codecs. It is worth noting that a version of this tool is also available for mac users. If you want to convert avif to png on Mac, don’t hesitate to use it. Compared with the online side, the Mac version will provide more powerful features.

2. Avif.io

If you want AVIF to PNG Converter for free, use the Avif.io, image conversion to AVIF format that is quick, free, and does not send any data. Your web browser is where the fun and magic happen.

Support for both hardware and software is steadily increasing. Businesses can use the format without worrying about patents because it is premium. Start learning about all the various browsers, software platforms, and applications.

Key Features

  • Open to use and royalty-free
  • Develop by giant tech
  • Supports transparency
  • Latest GPU support
  • Reduces file size to 20-90%

Avif.io adopts a high dynamic range and bit 12 color depth and provides vp ten codec technology that is future-proof.

3. Freeconver

FreeConvert can be done with thousands of conversions online. You may convert e-books, photos, movies, and audio clips. You may customize your conversions using a lot of advanced options. FreeConvert functions on any device and all popular browsers. Just upload the file and choose the desired format.

First, pick your AVIF files by clicking the “Choose Files” icon. Then begin the process by clicking the “Convert to PNG” icon. Finally, select the “Download PNG” icon after the status changes to “Done.”

Key Features

  • Easy to use
  • Best quality
  • Free and secure
  • Works on Any Device

Conversions from audio to video, including MP4 to MP3, now maintain the album arts of audio recordings. They fixed an issue with uploading files to Google Drive at the WebM to GIF site and have rectified a problem with the MP3 to MIDI conversion.

4. Aconvert

The website Aconvert.com is an alternative that was developed for the site PDFConvertOnline.com. Aconvert.com can convert not just PDF files but almost any other type of document, publication, picture, graphic, film, audio, or storage file instantly and for free. The initial “A” represents the word “All.” The “CONVERT” icon is located in the upper right corner of the page and can initiate a speedy conversion.

Choose a local file, choose the target version, then click the “Convert Now” icon to transform the file using the default configuration. Click the “Add Files” icon to add multiple files from your computer, smartphone, or device. Then, choose the desired file and click the “Convert Now” to begin converting files.

Key Features

  • AConvert has 32 windows and a linux service.
  • AConvert is capable of supporting features such as high dynamic range and color depths.
  • There are Millions of files converted online.

You can use the desired file formats, resolution, and dimensions. You have two options: utilize the default image size or change dimensions and enter a customized file size.

5. Fabconvert

The AVIF image tool from Fabconvert will precisely convert any AVIF file to a PNG file utilizing extremely high 2D processing to produce your finished PNG file, which is then ready for download. For you to generate the most accurate conversion, each pixel of the AVIF file will be examined.

Using the cost-free Fabconvert tool, you can easily convert your AVIF file to a PNG format by following these two easy steps. First, select an AVIF file to upload, then choose your AVIF file to upload. (The maximum size allowed is 100 MB) After conversion, you may get your PNG file by clicking the link to download it.

Key Features

  • Free conversion
  • Secure
  • Fast and easy to use

Fabconvert will not resize your image while converting your AVIF file; the output file will have the same quality as your submitted AVIF file.

Which AVIF to PNG Converters is Better?

The tools mentioned above are more unique in that they can all convert avif to png. But I personally prefer avif2jpg because of its brief interface, easy operation, and support for batch processing of images. Most importantly, it doesn’t charge any service fee.


This concludes the discussion on AVIF converters and the conversion of AVIF to PNG. You may now make advantage of the Best Online AVIF to PNG Converters for Free. To convert AVIF to PNG in a secure manner, select your preferred online AVIF converter and upload the AVIF file you wish to convert.