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Benefits of E-Business Suite Upgrade

Suppose you are an Oracle customer currently using EBS 12.1 or an older iteration, employing sustaining support, and are thinking of updating your e-Business Suite to 12.2. In that case, you must consider upgrading to the newest version, 12.2.11. Oracle EBS 12.2.11, released in November 2021, is reliable, and customers are utilising it. Oracle E-Business Suite upgrade 12.2’s unique features provide long-term support, with Premier Assistance guaranteed till 2033.

It uses a “Continuous Innovation” method to deliver unique innovations and fundamental technical stack changes to the E-Business Suite without requiring significant upgrades. Oracle E-Business Suite aids in utilising Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure and efficiently coexists with complementing Oracle SaaS apps.

Benefits of E-Business Suite Upgrade

Long-Term Support for Lower TCO –
Oracle has implemented Continuous Innovative strategies to provide innovation and technology stack updates focused on application functionality, scalability, usability, and a dedication to lowering the total cost of ownership. Oracle EBS 12.2 guarantees exceptional support through the year 2031 and additional functionalities built on the most recent technologies.

New Tools Make Installation Easier –
Oracle’s Rapid Install tool makes it simple to install and deploy updated models of Oracle Fusion Middleware technology. A new program code level and upgraded scripts move existing data PL/SQL to the latest Oracle EBS release level. As a result, the installation with Oracle EBS 12.2 has been made more compatible with contemporary database systems and Real Application Clusters configurations.

New Applications for Better Business Value-
The cross-functional applications in Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2 have all been improved over prior versions. The Oracle iStore now features better B2B order management functionality. It also includes searching with filters to efficiently locate the best prices for products. EBS by using graphs, search and metrics functionality. The Oracle Advanced Pricing Command Post enables better pricing maintenance and provides greater visibility on pricing. In addition, this command centre uses Web App Desktop Integrator (ADI). It also provides an Excel spreadsheet-based selective update of pricing information and promotions.

Online Patching and Minimal Downtime-
A new Oracle function called Online Patching, which enables businesses to update their ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications whilst operating systems and users are online, has been introduced. This guarantees little downtime, especially for manufacturing and international businesses.

Annual suite-wide patch releases include regular programme updates that combine bug fixes and new features. Applications built with the Oracle E-Business Suite cannot have their code updated. You can still access the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform technologies in newer versions. The technical stack updates are carried out separately.

Technical Developments-
By deploying EBS environments on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), allowing lift & shift of fully configured and enabling lifecycle management. Oracle has therefore invested in automation to assist businesses running EBS on OCI. The EBS Cloud Manager is a tool for managing these.

In Conclusion, the benefits of 12.2 should suffice the need to upgrade for any business; upgraded version of Oracle EBS gives organisations the capability to remain competitive. EBS testing by Opkey will ensure a seamless working experience while being more stable and secure than earlier versions.

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