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Benefits of .com domain name

Which domain extension is better? Why choose the .com domain? And many other queries are raised when anyone wants to purchase a domain name in Pakistan.

Before moving towards the benefits of the domain extension, it is important to get know-how about domains.

What is domain and domain extension?

The domain is the name of the website that visitors use to reach the website. For example, in  server sea, server sea is the domain name and people can type server sea in the search engine search bar to easily reach the website. The domain extension is the tail part of the domain. The domain extension represents the aim or location of the website.

In the same case, serversea.pk is the website address where serversea is the domain name while .pk is the domain extension. Various other types of domain extensions are also available like .com, .net, .co.uk, .org, .au, and many others.

The most commonly used domain extension is .com. But what makes it so popular?

We will answer this query as well.

Why is the .com domain beneficial?

The domains with the .com extension are used worldwide due to following reasons.

1. Builds trust

The .com domain is well known and extensively used throughout the globe. It increases the credibility and authenticity of the website. Therefore, people trust websites that have this popular domain extension.

2. Not limited to one location

Local or country-level domains are ranked specifically in selected countries. Whereas, the .com domain has access to the worldwide community. So, if your services are available all over the world then .com will be a better option.

The websites that are providing services or sharing information for people all over the world prefer the .com domain. This extension world in all market places and countries.

3. Word of mouth

Due to the popularity of the .com extension, people remember such websites or are more likely to try the .com extension when searching for any domain name on Google. Therefore, if someone else is using the .com extension and you are using the same domain name with the .net extension then there are chances that people will fall at your competitor’s site. So, it is better to prefer the .com extension and WordPress hosting in Pakistan over other choices.

Where to get a .com extension?

Many domain registrars in Pakistan are available online that can provide you with the domain name you want. One of the reliable domain providers is serversea.pk. It is popular and has many satisfied customers. You can go to the serversea.pk and get your domain with the .com extension easily.

What is the cost of the domain name?

Domain name purchase is not one time because you have to renew it after a specific time usually one year. The charges for domain names depending upon the duration, provider, and extension. The .com extensions are comparatively expensive due to their popularity, and customer preferences and many resellers also purchase domains and then resell it.

Final words

Domain extension plays an important role in gaining visitor trust and credibility. Moreover, the access to the .com extension is worldwide. Therefore, it is better to go with the .com domain than any other local domain extension.