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Bed Bug Heat Treatments: How To Best Annihilate The Critters

Bed bugs can truly be an annoyance! Restless nights, bug bites all over your skin, and infection caused by their bites.

For these reasons, bed bug heat treatment has become a significantly quick and effective means for ridding one of the bed bugs.

However, there are several heating methods that a person can try to remove their beds from bed bugs.

This article will explore the different bed bug heat treatments and learn the pros and cons of each heating method.

Bed Bug Heat Treatments: How To Best Annihilate The Critters

Bed bugs are a common pest and can cause a lot of damage if not treated properly. Understanding the different types of bed bug treatments available and how to best exterminate them is essential.

The two most common types of bed bug heat treatments are:

  • Heat Treatment
  • Chemical Heat Treatments

1 – Heat Treatments

Heat treatment is the most common way to remove bed bugs from a bed. With this method, all that is required is that the bed’s temperature is raised to over 130 degrees Fahrenheit.

Bed bugs die when exposed to temperatures ranging from 110 to 120 Fahrenheit.

The pros of Heat Treatment: 

  • This method is usually a single treatment –This method only requires one trip.
  • This method strikes bed bugs where they are the most vulnerable –This method is targeted, meaning exterminators locate where the bugs are living and target that area precisely so that they never come back again.
  • There are no residual effects –Unlike the chemical heat treatment, there is no residual effects.
  • Heat treatment is discreet –It’s not always the best look for you and your home to have an exterminator outside your house. With this method, there is a heat generator.

The Cons

  • This method does not stop bed bugs from returning.

2 – Chemical Heat Treatments

Chemical heat treatment employs three methods:

  • a contact insecticide (for quick results)
  • a residual (long-lasting)
  • dust to provide longer-lasting protection (reaches in cracks and crevices of the house)

With the chemical heat treatment, there are multiple visits.

Chemical Treatment Pros

  • Chemical treatment can be highly effective –This method, if used in early stages, can prevent bed bugs from ever coming again, as it eradicates the bed bug in every stage of its life.
  • It can help prevent future infestations –This method acts as a barrier to future bed bug infestation.
  • It’s cost-effective –This method is slightly more expensive, but in the long run, it is less costly as it can potentially remove bed bugs altogether.

Chemical Treatment Cons

  • Chemical treatment requires a lot of preparation –The setup process can take some time, as you will have to remove as many barriers as possible.
  • Chemicals don’t kill the bed bug egg –This method doesn’t eradicate eggs, as female bed bugs lay five eggs daily!
  • It exposes your home to residual chemicals –If you have pets, the chemicals may be a burden for them, so you might want to keep this in mind.