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B2Broker Explores The Significance Of Trading APIs In The Industry

Tbilisi, Georgia, August 21, 2023 – Trading APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) are pivotal in creating efficient communication between distinct software platforms in financial markets. They enable businesses to access specific services, thereby contributing to the “API economy”. With the capacity to connect automated trading algorithms with brokerage platforms, these APIs facilitate real-time access to financial market data and electronic trades.

Diversity of API Types


REST, or Representational State Transfer, APIs utilise HTTP to facilitate data transfer based on user actions. This API type is preferred in the trading industry due to its flexibility, scalability, and adaptability to web technologies.

WebSocket API

Unlike traditional protocols, WebSocket APIs maintain an open connection for real-time data transfer. This API is essential for high-frequency trading and allows for the customisation of trading strategies.

Library-Based API

These APIs provide pre-packaged code libraries, simplifying the development process. They can perform multiple functions like retrieving market quotes, sending or modifying orders, and extracting historical data.

Who Benefits from APIs in Trading?

Traders seeking to trade various assets, including stocks, crypto, and commodities, can benefit significantly from APIs. Specialised API protocols such as MetaTrader, AmiBroker, or NinjaTrader offer personalisation for trading strategies.

Why Traders Prefer APIs

APIs boost trading efficiency and offer a smooth integration with various trading platforms. They provide real-time updates, robust security measures, customisation options, and scalability, enhancing the trading experience.

B2Broker’s New Trading API

B2Broker, a prominent FX and crypto industry player, has recently launched its REST API. This game-changer for brokers provides insights into customer data through its Back-Office API. In contrast, the Front-Office APIs improve user interaction with products and secure transactions, bolstering user engagement and enhancing product capabilities.


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