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Ashish Sukralia | The Founder of Linkrr

Ashish Sukralia is a renowned name in the online business market. He is the founder of the prominent link management tool Linkrr, social media expert and a dynamic entrepreneur. He has helped individuals in setting up their businesses.


Ashish Sukralia was born and brought up in a middle-class family. He has a unique problem-solving mindset, which helps him achieve his goals. During school, he was an average student and didn’t have any particular plan for his future. After completing 12th, he went to Kota for IIT but after observing that everyone here is running in a race, he realized it was not his cup of tea. he rushed back to his home and took the admission in a private college, but this was not a setback, it was another towards success. He then did his computer science and Btech Graduation from LPU, Punjab, India.

Formation of Linkrr

Ashish Sukralia was passionate about ‘Ethical Hacking.’ In his struggle days he created his Instagram page and started his journey in the digital world, created milestones and gained tons of followers, the need of posting content regularly forced him to explore newer things about hacking, Digital Marketing, SEO and soon, the page got filled with several DMs of people wanting to know more about ‘Ethical Hacking’ Ashish knew the art of selling and started his career by selling courses online on social media. He has also learned skills like graphic designing, website development, social media ads, etc.

Over time he became a master of his sea, and later, he created “Linkrr,” an all-in-one link manager tool and as a creator, he knows that this is one of the most essential tool required by a creator and that need gave birth to linkrr. Linkrr is a platform that enables endless possibilities to manage different links in one place.

Linkrr had solved huge problems of content creators. A few sites provide multiple link options but their rates are only affordable to big creators and have fewer features.

Challenge faced while building Linkrr

The goal to have a Billion dollars every second seems very satisfying and consoling. The idea to be turned into reality requires a lot of patience, hard work, and dedication. Getting fail at attempts is not only a problem but a problem that shuts down billions and billions of ideas.

Unfortunately, his multiple projects failed, Ashish Sukralia fought against all odds and learned every time, and bounce back with a new solution. He purchased the domain linkrr.in and added it with all the possible features.

Few features of LINKRR

  • You can add all your all social media links, useful files and more in one place with linkrr.
  • Linkrr involves more people in one place; the more people involved, the more they will adore it.
  • Linkrr saves time and organizes life.
  • Linkrr, with its unique quality, has left other social media apps such as telegram, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.
  • Linkrr helps you to organize and present all your achievements in a webpage
  • To run better ads you can add pixels on your linkrr page.
  • You can add your own custom HTML, CSS, and Javascript code.
  • 50+ Ready to use blocks.

His Accomplishments

Ashish Sukralia mostly shares the Statics of his website traffic, representing the intellectual properties he achieved over a long period of struggle. According to the sources, he has more than 50+ revenue-generating websites and he does have a team for managing their Websites and all their businesses. He also runs a startup named “EduYear Education.” This EduYear teaches people online through computer programming languages.

He has faced many ups and downs in this journey but never lost hope. Ashish Sukralia inspires many youngsters to work hard to achieve their goals.