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Artist Fred Bugs returns to New York

Artist Fred Bugs exclusively exhibited his mixed media work in the New York POP INTERNATIONAL GALLERIES last month, entitled: “The Temptation”.

Each work displayed by the artist exclusively gave the gallery and especially the many visitors and collectors an opportunity to enhance contemporary surrealist art, which every year showcases talented artists such as Fred Bugs himself, whose distinctive characters, such as signs, shapes, symbols, and figures, have made this art movement popular and appreciated all over the world “just” 100 years ago.

Aside from the many visitors to see his figurative works, the art curators and other artists present to exhibit their figurative work also positively regarded the artist who had gained popularity after participating in the international exhibition in Venice and was already appreciated in the United States. The artist did the same, and gallery managers were praised for their dedication to researching and preserving the works of pop artists.