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ART HAUS Introduces Artists in Residence Program to Empower NFT creators

The phenomenal growth of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) has opened up tons of opportunities for creatives in the metaverse space. The new kid on the block for crypto lovers has taken the art and gaming world by storm, reporting $24.9 billion in sales volume in 2021. Artists can now monetize their creations and earn from their work as art enthusiasts or collectors also get the opportunity to buy unique art pieces affordably. NFT trading has been constantly developing at an exponential rate, thanks to the advent of NFT platforms. ART HAUS is the new platform that wants to take NFT creation, acquisition, and transactions to the next level with its latest Residence Program launch. 

What Is ART HAUS and How Does It Work? 

ART HAUS is an artist residency program that aims to promote the creation and sale of NFTs in the metaverse. The unique platform incorporates a wide range of curation mechanisms with varied membership levels to provide the market with a host of authentic and exclusive collections. Its goal is to provide a residency program where artists can explore their NFT ideas to the maximum as well as give collectors a unique marketplace to access tokenized artworks. In other words, ART HAUS has been designed with tools to showcase promising artists through research, podcasts, private viewings, and much more, enabling artists to thrive from their work. A collector, on the other hand, can enhance their collections affordably with minimal effort, including by unlocking member-only exclusives as a keyholder. 

ART HAUS’s approach is ingrained in the principle of providing valuable insight into the creator’s creative process, hence allowing collectors to learn what drives their favorite artists. Consequently, collectors are able to understand the cultural significance of the art pieces they collect. 

The ART HAUS project is working to make web3 more accessible for all the galleries that still work with web2. The platform helps creators to access the most advanced open protocols from platforms such as Zora Auction House and Manifold Creator. 

The Power of Residency

While many NFT marketplaces offer platforms for artists to mint their NFTs, ART HAUS has taken it a notch higher by building a residency program that nurtures artists to not only mint but also complete successful sales. 

The Artists in Residence program has become hugely popular among creators who use the exclusive space to advance their ideas powered by NFTs. All creators can access the program by applying to join as an artist in residence. The team conducts a rigorous review of all the applicants to accept creators with the best opportunity to provide and gain value within the platform. 

Once artists are approved, ART HAUS exposes them by showcasing their work through a series of promotions, including the use of podcasts to promote an artist’s piece. This exposure gives collectors some valuable insight into the creative process of the artists and the inspiration behind such creations. This is unlike other NFT marketplaces that do not allow collectors to learn and know more about the creators and their art pieces on sale. 

An artist that has qualified for the residency program can also access a supportive team on the platform from where they can experiment with NFTs and monetize their work. Additionally, they have the exclusive opportunity to showcase their art pieces to serious collectors within the same ecosystem. Collectors as key holders of the platform are advanced NFT users and are passionately looking for the next big thing in the world of NFTs to add to their special collections of art pieces. 

Artist protection and creative freedom 

There are multiple reasons why artists should join the residency program, and one of them is the mechanism the platform has put in place to protect artists and their works. The program is designed to service the needs of the creatives, including providing integrated protections for content creators. 

The residency program is designed to give artists the creative freedom and sovereignty they need, allowing them to access custom branded smart contracts for all ART HAUS NFTs. The goal is to ensure artists make contributions through their authentic provable artworks. This is a complete departure from the many platforms that reduce operating costs by minting artists’ works to contracts shared with many other artists. 

Nicholas Keays, a Melbourne-based creator, was the First Resident of the ART HAUS residency program. By exposing his art through the residency program, Keays has gained greater exposure of his work to collectors on the platform. Keays and many other early creators that have joined the platform can now enjoy residual commissions generated from users of their art pieces. 

Final thoughts 

With the mission to make the decentralized web (web3) more accessible, ART HAUS has gained popularity among art creators and collectors because it allows them to conduct traditional galleries and auctions. The NFT space may be relatively new, however, the growth is phenomenal as it seeks to revolutionize the world of NFTs.