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Art Director Yue Zhou’s Thriving Career Inspires Many Young Chinese Women to Chase Their Dreams in Creative Industry.

China has consistently prioritized women’s empowerment and has actively worked towards promoting them in non-traditional roles that men traditionally dominated. The impact of Chinese women is evident as they continue to make significant strides in various fields. An exceptional art director, Yue (emma) Zhou stands out as a true trailblazer.

Yue gained recognition for her exceptional talent as an art director through her remarkable contributions to Gerardo Ortiz’s music video for the song El Perro. The entire set design of the video was masterfully crafted by Yue Zhou. The song received high praise upon its initial release three years ago, with critics commending its mesmerizing visuals, balanced lighting, and tactical use of props. The engaging setting, the singer’s extraordinary voice, and enchanting melodies have become a sensation among audiences and fans. The video has generated over 15 million views on YouTube and continues to gain popularity. The song was instrumental in shaping Yue’s career as an art director.

Additionally, one of Yue’s most impressive display of set creation and backdrop was showcased in the music video for the song Me Gusta Latina, by Tryf Da Comedian & Snoop Dogg. Yue’s work as an art director was vital in shaping the entire aestheric of the music video which has so far received over 4.5 million views on YouTube.

As a fan of Latin music, Yue had the amazing chance to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the music industry. Surrounded by respectable individuals who have garnered immense admiration and appreciation, she aspires to contribute to numerous projects that will stimulate her professional growth, enabling her to gain wisdom from industry experts. Her incomparable talentsets her apart from others in the industry as she skillfully blends different techniques and seamlessly incorporates them in order to effectively conveythe director’s vision. ‘When on set, I do my best to reflect the director’s style on the project to fulfill their vision. I try to remove my specific opinions about how a film should look unless it’s to help the director with this vision,’ said the art director.

Moreover, Yue has held critical roles in the development of several acclaimed films. Although she has a strong affinity for fantasy and science fiction, she doesn’t confine herself to those genres. Instead, she embraces the opportunity to explore diverse and thought-provoking films that push her boundaries and introduce her to new experiences. Her deep immersion in the listed genres is the main reason behind her strong preference for them. She has the ability to create something that has never been created before. She shared, ‘I love working in the sci-fi and fantasy genres because the possibilities are endless regarding set design. The genre allows me to add to the director’s vision and help him create the most interesting visual world.’

The short filmAVES, directed by Eli Snyder, was a pivoltal moment in Yue’s carreer and will forever hold a special place in her heart. ‘I worked on a short film called AVES, directed by Eli Snyder, son of prominent director Zack Snyder. His direction influenced me because he was unafraid to involve himself in every department and do everything he could to make the best film possible,’ shared the artist. Coming from a family of directors, he brought a wealth of knowledge and experience, inspiring the artists and offering invaluable advice and strategies to delve deep into every project that made for an experience like no other for Yue.

Furthermore, Yue has acted as an art director for several other notable productions that have been featured at international film festivals and honored with prestigious awards in the field. Some of these films include: The Day I Met Joshua, Hello Goodbye and Finding Home.

Furthermore, Yue has also worked as an art director for numerous effective advertising campaigns. HOTHAT Productions, a multi-award-winning video production company, has consistently relied on Yue’s incomparable talents as an art director for the development of countless commercials for the organization’s top clients. Specifically, Yue has led the artistic development of several successful commercials for acclaimed video games such as Top War, Rise of Kingdoms, Call of Dragons, Warpath, and more.

Yue’s work has been critical to the development of countless acclaimed productions from feature films to music videos and commercials. She derives great satisfaction from her work as an art director and is grateful for the opportunity to work in such inspiring creative environments.

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Writer: Sherry Lee, GTK PR Agency