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Andy Horner aka Anxious Andy a social media influencer rushed to hospital after taking an overdose. 

Andy Horner a mental health campaigner from Huddersfield West Yorkshire was rushed to hospital last weekend in the early hours after having taken an overdose. It has been reported that an ambulance was called to his home in Huddersfield West Yorkshire by concerned neighbors who had seen the campaigner in distress.

 Onlookers say they saw an ambulance and several police cars lining the street in the early hours of Monday morning. 

One onlooker said” Andy is a lovely guy, very polite, always says hello when we see him, keeps himself to himself and never bothers anyone, he’s always suffered badly with his mental health. Since we heard about the death of his dad we haven’t really seen him around, we think he’s taken his dads passing very badly. We hope he will be okay.

Andy Horner also known online as Anxious Andy is not shy of talking about his mental health struggles, especially online. Andy often posts on his Instagram and Facebook where he has built up a very large following with one account of over 1 million people. Andy also runs his own mental health website to help others. The campaigner has organised mental health protests in the past which have caught the attention of national newspapers and people in his home town where he is becoming well known for his activism and awareness about mental health issues. 

This time of year is a difficult time for many who have lost Loved ones and for people who suffer badly with their mental health. NHS nurses and paramedics have been on strike and the government face challenges ahead to keep the NHS functioning to a stable level. Mental health services are stretched, making it very difficult to be seen and get treatment. People in a crisis are urged to call 111. Ambulance staff and nurses strikes are set to continue as we go into the new year.