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An Agent’s Guide to Creating an Effective Real Estate Video

When it comes to marketing your business, it can often seem as though there are no limits. Inhabitants of trailers and galleries, we strive for the best in fashion, technology, and cutlery.

It seems as though we’re incapable of being truly satisfied until we’ve shown that we possess ourselves the very best in any category, from our phone cases to our steak knives.

But what elements make a real estate video effective? How do you go about creating one you can use for your business?

This agent’s guide to creating a real estate video has all the tips you need to make the right impression.

Create an Introduction Video

To create an effective video, you should start off by introducing yourself and giving viewers a brief bio and any relevant experience that you have. And focus more on what distinguishes you as a real estate marketing professional. Talk about how you will be an asset to future buyers and sellers.

Following this, provide an outline of what services your company offers. Close with a call to action such as giving contact details or other important resources.

Create a Property Listings Video

Collect photos and videos of the properties you are wanting to feature. Next, create a structure for your video, including what visuals will be used, what type of music, and the script for your video. Gather information from potential customers and create a script that highlights what is appealing about the property.

You can begin editing the photos and videos and incorporating the script into your production. And you can add in any music and special effects you feel necessary to complete your property listings video.

Make a Video Offering a Service For Free

To make a video that stands out and captures the attention of potential buyers and sellers, you will need to create an engaging video that offers something of value.

During the video, showcase some of the properties you have available, or answer common questions that buyers and sellers may have. And consider ending the video by offering a service for free.

For example, offer a free one-hour pre-showing consultation, a home evaluation, or a free copy of a book about the local market. With this type of offer, viewers of your video will be more likely to contact you for more information.

Make Sure Your Real Estate Marketing Video Is High-quality

To ensure that your real estate video is of high quality, you should start by selecting the right production company. Make sure to research the production company’s portfolio and have them explain any aspects of the video process that you may not understand. After selecting your production company, brainstorm creative ideas for your video.

Working with the production company to create the storyboard and choose the best locations for the video shoot is essential to ensure that your video is of the highest quality. If you want to learn from professionals, you can visit video production for real estate or other reputable websites that you can check online.

Learning the Effective Way of Making Real Estate Video

Overall, creating an effective real estate video can be a great way to market a real estate property and generate interested buyers.

Agents should consider creating and promoting videos that accurately showcase their brand, feature quality visuals and sound, and benefit the target demographic.

Be sure to include a CTA to close the deal – try something like “Get in touch with us today to help you purchase or sell your dream home!”.

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