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ALSCO-A Leading Software Development Company Providing High-End Engineering and Cybersecurity Solutions

In the modern-day society, individuals are utilizing the power of the internet for variety of activities, whether it is shopping, filing taxes, making transactions or simply for entertainment purposes. It is a well-known fact the fast expansion of the internet in the past few years has positively impacted our lives and has given us a multitude of opportunities to handle our daily activities from the comfort of our houses, however, every great invention comes at a cost. One of the challenges that humans are facing because of advent of the world wide web is the increased threat of cyberattacks.

Most people are not aware of these nefarious cyberattacks and believe that these are done by hackers for fun and clout, but in reality, these attacks are primarily done for financial profit, especially when large-scale organizations are involved. Through data breaches, hackers can have an illegal and unauthorized access to confidential information and they can use it in unlawful ways. Nobody wants their private information such as credit card details, bank account numbers, social security contacts and addresses to land in the hands of the wrong people, who may use it for their benefit. If a proper cybersecurity system is not in place, it could lead to numerous illegal crimes and activities such as human trafficking, illegal auctions, software distribution, drug trafficking, piracy and many other unlawful operations. Therefore, the demand for a proper security system has increased significantly.

Cyber-attacks are becoming even more unpredictable and companies that lack cyber defenses are exposed to maximum risk as their data is more vulnerable. Organizations can no longer rely on basic cybersecurity solutions as the hackers have become smarter and their techniques have become more resilient in response to cyber defenses. Therefore, it has become extremely crucial for organizations to cover all areas of cybersecurity. An effective cybersecurity system will not only protect an organizations’ database from damage, theft and industrial espionage, but will also help them in maintaining goodwill with their customers.

One company which is providing computer software and security solutions for organizations to protect their sensitive data and information is ALSCO TODAY. ALSCO is a software development company and data center with a goal to provide its client with high quality IT services and software solutions. Since its inception, the company has offered cloud servers and web hosting services in various countries including Iraq. The intellectuals behind the formation of this company include Eng. Mohammed Kifah, Eng. Yasser Kifah Hussain, Eng. Zayd Kifah Hussain, Layth Alaa Faeq, Ali Mohammed Ali, Mustafa Majid Abdul Razzaq, Dr. Mazin Abdulelah Ali, Mustafa Alaa Faeq, and Ali Mazin Abdulelah.

One major product of ALSCO is Secure Gateway, which protects clients’ database from hackers and allows only authorized access by blocking illegitimate ones. Apart from Secure Gateway, ALSCO provides a number of data center services which includes virtual server configuration, cloud storage offerings and security offerings. They also provide top level of automation and integration through mobile applications, web portal and application programming interface. Other than the data center services, ALSCO also provides information technology services such as network, training, database integration and security services.

The company has skilled experts in network architecture design and implementation, who can build an entirely new network and upgrade the current network infrastructure.  Their IT professionals are certified individuals who have invaluable experience with Cisco routing technologies. The database consultants help their clients in organizing organizational requirements and identifying database integration needs, whereas, the database programmers build a reliable custom database software application that enables an organization to function in accordance with the requirements. The database services workforce utilizes the latest methods and tools to connect mission-critical databases and enterprise software.

The trademarks that the company currently owns are the SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on October 29, 2019 (U.S Serial Number: 88419308), E-Mail SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on February 18, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88437538), SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on June 16, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88688748), CLOUD SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on February 18, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88419462) and WEB SECURE GATEWAY®️ registered on February 18, 2020 (U.S Serial Number: 88437500).

ALSCO has become a leading software and security services company in a very short span of time because of the top quality IT solutions it provides. It has not only benefited their clients with their products and services, but has also contributed to the overall growth of the IT industry.